The World’s End (2013)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Epic bar duels.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are a couple of famous friends who have starred in quite a few British comedies over the years. Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, and The World’s End pop into mind immediately, because they are a part of a franchise…technically speaking. While it is considered a franchise with similar concepts, the movies really have nothing to do with each other, they just follow the same structure…so it is better described as a spiritual franchise, which is a thing. Even though the end of the world is really common for comedies lately, and is kind of getting old, I was still psyched to see The World End, thanks to the amazing reputation this franchise has created for itself. So how did it do? Better than I previously imagined.

Alright, so Simon Pegg stars in this film as Gary King, a guy that hasn’t really grown up in the last twenty years. Back in his youth, he and a group of four other friends tried to finish a pub crawl of 12 pubs, finishing at a bar called “The World’s End”. Trouble was, they separated…got too drunk, bad stuff happened…whatever, they just couldn’t finish the crawl. 20 years later, Gary is bent on finishing the crawl, so he gets the gang back together, albeit by slight force, and they start the “Golden Mile” once again. Only, the town seems to have been infected by robots that aren’t really robots with blue stuff. These “blanks” are after the guys, and they think the only thing left to do is finish the pub crawl, for they are humanity’s final hope.

These guys are hilarious, along with plots that you just can’t ignore. A good portion of the beginning seemed almost slow in connection with the rest of the film, but as it’s happening, it’s still really funny. Even when the guys are literally just going from pub-to-pub, it’s still hilarious and it has an already established solid plot. If the movie didn’t go supernatural, it would have probably still been great. However, because they added the unique and original enemies, you really appreciate the film, for a multitude of reasons.

This film isn’t just funny, but it’s also serious – but only when need be. These guys know they are funny and work so well together, but they know a movie can’t just be complete comedy either. The film has soul and heart. Gary is a douchebag for most of the film, but there is a reason he is how he is, and there is a reasonable reason as to why he’s so bent on finishing the pub crawl. Apart from that, the theme of friendship is clearly important to the film, as is any of the films in this franchise. That and the idea that nothing is perfect, and to just have fun. It has some good messages, but that wasn’t the film’s primary role. Its primary role was just to make its audience laugh.

And laugh we did. There is no reason in the world that these guys should know martial arts, especially not when they are drunk off their heads. Yet, the use of such action is entertaining, cool to look at, and yes, freaking hilarious. First you have this kind-of-a jerk acting all drunk in a bathroom, and then we have like…10 people simultaneously fighting kung-fu style with cartoony decapitations. It’s actually kind of mesmerizing to look at, it’s hard to describe.

The World’s End is another installment by Pegg and Frost with a ton of action, violence, and laughs for moments that don’t make a lot of logical sense, yet are hilarious regardless. Definitely not a film you want to miss.

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