The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Moore’s getting better.

When I think of the year 1977, only one movie comes to mind, and I’m sure you all have an idea of which one…Star Wars. The movies that typically really make an impact and thought of today with praise typically started in the ‘80s. It’s really impressive of how many films began in that decade, and then there’s James Bond, who began in the early ‘60s. You ask me, and it was way ahead of its time, which is awesome all in itself. The problem just arises when a modern audience is taken into consideration. The Spy Who Loved Me was probably the first film in the series that was unoriginal and stole its own idea, which quite frankly, is just what Roger Moore needed.

Alright, so some evildoer is kidnapping submarines, and James Bond has to figure out who that is and put a stop to it. He teams up with the Russian equivalent to himself, which of course is a woman named Agent Triple X…of course. Now this evildoer, by the name of Stromberg, is stealing these subs for what they have inside of them – nuclear missiles. He plans to blow up New York and Moscow with two nuclear missiles. Basically, Bond and Triple X must stop him, but this giant guy with metallic teeth and super-strength keeps getting in the way by the name of Jaws.

As I said, The Spy Who Loved Me just copies off of a former James Bond story, which was pretty obvious to be You Only Live Twice. Major government vessels are kidnapped in pretty much the same way – a bigger vessel that opens up and swallows the vessel whole – with an end goal that is identical – destroy two major cities on the opposite sides of the world. It’s kind of disappointing to see so many striking similarities, but to be fair, it was a good Bond to copy off of. Roger Moore is so goofy and un-Bondlike that they really did need to bring some of those classic elements back…even if they did copy the story.

Now…as with any James Bond, you need to have an unforgettable villain and cool gadgets. Unforgettable villain? Ehh, probably back in 1977, but I’m not so sure for a modern audience. Jaws seems like a really awesome and fitting James Bond villain, but when I look at him, all I see are those kiddy vampire teeth that you get from those claw machines. You know how kids put them in their mouth and they can’t close their mouth or even talk very well – it was exactly like that, just with metallic teeth…so I’m sorry to say – but I laughed at him and didn’t feel the danger. How about the gadgets? The one that will stick out is the submarine car. Clearly a car commercial for a car that doesn’t exist anymore, but hey…so is Back to the Future, and both look freaking awesome. That is one of the coolest gadgets we’ve seen in the franchise yet.

I’m still not a huge fan of Roger Moore, but for the first time, I began to feel the 007 spirit coming from him. All I can say is that I hope that he will be able to hone that spirit and continue for the rest of his time on screen. The Spy Who Loved Me is a perfect title, but not a perfect movie. I feel as though the only thing that they need is to remember Goldfinger, figure out that its perfect, and try to be more like that. I almost feel like going back to Goldfinger and rating that one even better. Hmm.


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