Quantum of Solace (2008)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Better than before.

Alright, now a Bond film I can agree with the general population with. Quantum of Solace is everyone’s least favorite Daniel Craig Bond film…generally speaking…and I agree. The main idea behind this hate took place primarily in pre-production. What else happened in 2008? Anyone? The Writer’s Strike of America, the one thing in our country that I was outraged on…I even made a video on Youtube telling Hollywood that I would write for free, because the people need their movies. I need my movies! It was sad, really. Anyways, the first draft of the script to Quantum of Solace was finished, but then the strike happened. Their writers stopped working, and all they really had was the actors to pick up the pace. Daniel Craig himself helped fine-tune the script, but it’s clear that the film is really flawed in areas that needed better writing.

As this film begins, you know that somewhere, the idea for Quantum of Solace was just as bold as Casino Royale, but it was not executed properly enough. After the death of Vesper Lynd, James Bond is out for revenge, killing everyone in sight. He shouldn’t be, because they are witnesses to something big hidden all over the world. Someone rich has contacts everywhere, and is hiring hit men to take out important players throughout. So James Bond must figure out the endgame of this rich businessman, as well as properly lay out his revenge for Vesper.

So a story that is connected to the last James Bond? A previous Bond girl was so important that she is mentioned in more than one film? This film had dreams. We’ve seen Bond get revenge for an old Bond girl before, but they did it in a way that you had no idea that he was even doing that…it was only in the first five minutes of the following film. The revenge aspect, though, was used more in Licence to Kill. The idea of doing something right apart from MI6 orders is apparent here as well, just…lacked the spirit. Licence to Kill was about Bond getting revenge for an attack on Felix’s life, and that film was dark, edgy, and emotional….elements that Quantum ultimately needed to succeed.

Can I just get one scene of Bond sitting in a dark room thinking about why he’s doing this? Maybe shed a tear? We needed some kind of emotion to ground the story, because the rest of it is filled with so much action that you forget why 007 is even doing what he’s doing! The action, to be fair, is fantastic. It’s heart racing, done in beautiful sets, and decently choreographed…which would be great if we were watching an Asian martial-arts film. Instead, the more it was used here, the more it just felt like it was substituted for otherwise good writing. There was so much that you know could have made this movie another epic film, but it disappoints. The idea was fresh, but unfortunately was utterly wasted.

Regardless, the idea that should have been more apparent was still there. That idea was still cool, and Daniel Craig is still a great addition to the list of Bonds. The story had similarities to Diamonds are Forever, Licence to Kill, and even Goldfinger, which are all considered some of my favorite Bonds out there, so that’s okay with me, even if that made this one lack originality. However, how can you really complain about the shout out to Goldfinger, with the dead girl sprawled out on the bed covered in…oil? It is practically done in the same respect…and since I hadn’t seen Goldfinger before, I didn’t catch this iconic throwback.

Quantum of Solace really should have waited out the Writer’s Strike, because it basically just filled in the gaps that needed good writing with another action sequence. It mostly lacked the emotion needed for such a dark theme…but still, the idea behind all the muck somewhat saved it.

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