Skyfall (2012)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Best bond ever.

Talk about saving the best for last. Obviously, James Bond will never have a final film, but as far as movies that could be accepted as a finale, Skyfall does wonders. It works as a standalone film, as the end of the entire series, and as the prologue to what’s to come. Skyfall, in my opinion, is the prime example of how a James Bond film should go, it’s the Dark Knight of 007 films, and it’s really not hard to understand why. Everything that you’ve ever wanted from James Bond and more is right here.

As with all of the other James Bond films, “Skyfall” started out with a tense, heart-pounding action sequence. From an amazingly-choreographed motorcycle chase on rooftops, to a fist fight on top of a speeding train, the action would not let up. Working with Eve (Naomie Harris), the first Bond girl of the film, James Bond was after a list of NATO agents, a list that was imperative to obtain, because it had the secret identities of agents undercover throughout the world. Among all the ruckus, Bond could not retrieve the data, and was accidentally shot off of the train by Eve, presumed dead. In reality, he was on an island, enjoying death and boozing it up. When the life of M is threatened by a terrorist hacker named Silva, Bond must find him and put an end to the madness. However, that may prove more difficult than previously imagined, as after getting shot, Bond was off of his a-game for once in Bond history. He couldn’t shoot straight, nor manage to do more than five or six pull-ups. Even though he failed his re-entry physical exam, M gave him another shot, trusting the man she knows to be the best agent in the field, which goes far beyond a simple physical exam.

This film was incredibly smart. Out of all 24, yes I said 24 films, Skyfall had some of the most intelligent, thought-out scenes throughout the series. It wanted to be the classic model of James Bond while still presenting something new to the audience…as the film suggested – old dog, new tricks. The shout-outs in this film were obvious – the spy car that was introduced in From Russia With Love, and used numerous times throughout the series, the new introduction to Q with the more realistic and modernized gadgets…nothing we haven’t really seen before, but still cool. Miss Moneypenny also may show up in this film. James Bond also, for the first time with Daniel Craig, actually pulled off some intelligent puns. Thank god he wasn’t throwing them left and right, though. The rest of it I was surprised to see.

Daniel Craig’s 007 series is becoming increasingly famous for creating absolutely brand new concepts for James Bond, while still maintaining the respect to the classic Bond by throwing shout-outs to memorable James Bond lines, cars, and women. Skyfall is a perfect example of what makes James Bond classic while being modern at the same time. After the horrid reviews of Quantum of Solace, Skyfall has redeemed the series ten-fold and more. When it comes to the writing, this was hands down one of the best written James Bond films in existence, if not the best. There was so many things attributed to the storyline that went so smoothly, and so amazing that it would take a long while to list them all. Visually the film hit a new level, and it will be difficult for any Bond film to beat the visuals in this. Every single scene in this film was filled with visually stunning, captivating, and beautiful scenes. Even the theme song performed by Adele could be first on the list of best written Bond songs.

So much focus on M was amazing. I can’t say it enough, Judi Dench is the best M this series could hope for. We were offered so much character development for Bond that you wouldn’t believe. Things about his childhood that we’ve never known as well as how we see him in this film in general. When it comes to acting, Daniel Craig put on another stellar performance, and allowed the audience to become familiar with a lesser-known Bond persona, and utilized his abilities in making Bond look vulnerable, and capable of dying. That is relatively new, and was presented in a whole new way. Javier Bardem did an absolutely incredible job portraying Silva. In fact, this villain was one of the most memorable and maniacal villains James Bond has ever faced. He was calm, calculated, funny in parts, and he was not afraid to step into MI6′s radar. Javier Bardem is not unknown to be an incredible actor, and he once again proved himself. There was once again two Bond girls in this film, like the others, but this time around the focus was more towards storytelling. They wanted to make sure that this time around their story was exceptional, and it was.

Skyfall is the best James Bond film out there, especially for a modern audience. As far as the classic series goes in presenting James Bond in how he was originally supposed to be seen, I’d say the best would be Goldfinger, but out of all films, Skyfall soars over the rest!

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