Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Goldmember was pointless.

There are things about these Austin Powers movies that you can really appreciate; things like memorable characters and notable pop culture references. Other things, you could do without. A third film has its own charm, but begins to feel repetitive and for the most part, we’re good with just the first two films. Austin Powers in Goldmember is the third and final Austin Powers flick, and even though it has probably the most references to past James Bond flicks, it also loses grip on what made itself special at the same time…the characters feel a bit worn…but we’ll get to that later. Let’s start with plot.

The plot in this third film has something to do with Austin’s father and another new character introduced by Mike Myers, who also of course plays the new character (Goldmember). Basically, Goldmember is the kind-of villain in this film while Dr. Evil is in prison. Dr. Evil wants to create a tractor beam that pulls in a meteor that will ultimately crash into the polar ice cap, systematically creating a global flood…Goldmember is the one funding it…or something. To stop it, Austin Powers must travel back to 1975 to stop Goldmember with the help of his father, Nigel.

The plot of this film is the most confusing and couldn’t hold up strength of the others. Dare I say it, it’s lost its mojo, baby, YEAH! The inclusion of Goldmember was unneeded and definitely took the film down a notch. Mike Myers, I suppose, thought he had to up the expectations here and like last time, create a new character for the series…but this new character just made everything seem jumbled. Austin, Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard, Goldmember…it’s just too many characters to keep track of in the end run. Not only that, but there’s nothing even remotely special about Goldmember…he is so annoying, Myers has trouble pulling off the accent, and you know the movie would have done better without him. It’s disappointing.

Likewise with Nigel Powers, his character also wasn’t needed. The whole daddy issues crap felt out-of-place. Then again, I actually really enjoyed Michael Cain in the role. He was hilarious, even funnier than Mike Myers at times. I wouldn’t say he really added anything to the film, but I welcome him solely for his use of making the movie that much funnier.

That’s another thing, the plot makes little to no sense, but I honestly laughed a lot while watching it. Even without a solid plot, the film is still pretty hilarious. The references to past James Bond films in Goldmember are probably the most prominent here, beginning with a title clearly based off of Goldfinger. The plot is similar to Goldfinger as there is a villain that looks somewhat similar to the evil character in 007, and his obsession with coloring his victims gold. The other James Bond film mentioned in this was probably Live and Let Die, as Austin Powers performed the jumping across four…sumo wrestlers in a pool (like the crocodiles in the Bond film). There were several Bond references, as well as other pop culture references easy to spot, and most of them are hilarious. You also can’t miss the incredible opener. That opening scene is the best opening scene out of the entire series, with a lot of A-Class Hollywood actors making guest appearances like Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow, Steven Spielberg, Kevin Spacey, Danny DeVito, Britney Spears, and John Travolta.

It’s hard to really say terrible things about the movie because I honestly laughed throughout the film…even though I had no idea what was going on…take that as you will. Goldmember clearly isn’t as good storywise as its two predecessors, but definitely still proves it knows how to make an audience laugh.


3 thoughts on “Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)

  1. All in all, I call this one flatly bad, probably not even particularly funny. Just bad. The story, like you said, is too unfocused and the characters too aplenty, not to mention not interesting enough.


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