The Austin Powers Collection (1997-2002)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Hilarious, that’s all.

I’m a fan of spy movies, as I’ve mentioned in the past. So I took the time to watch the entire James Bond Collection over the course of two week. I decided my next collection would be Austin Powers, though it only took me one day to get through them. I thought it would be nice to see one of the main parody spy films based mostly on 007, and that is Austin Powers.


  1. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
  2. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
  3. Austin Powers in Goldmember

What you need to know:

Austin Powers is a parody on spy movies like James Bond, and glorifies the corny and campy things that typically happened in the classic ‘60s spy films, proving that it’s nice to look back and laugh at the things that are in all honesty stupid. It proves my point with translation to modern audiences, and how it’s almost impossible for old films to really do that. While it makes fun of these things, it also makes fun of modern pop culture references to keep things feeling fresh.

The characters and writing are done by Mike Myers himself, to which he plays several of the characters. In the first film, he was only Austin Powers and Dr. Evil. In the sequels, he created Fat Bastard and Goldmember to include and heighten the level of humor. Fat Bastard was good, and might even remind you of Shrek with his thick Scottish accent. He even says “donkey”. Goldmember was mostly confusing and didn’t add anything to the story…he just felt like he was in the background being a nuisance.

This franchise is mostly hilarious with Dr. Evil’s scenes. Austin Powers’s character is also pretty funny, but Dr. Evil is brilliant. Him and his henchmen, Frau, Number 2, Mustafa, and even his back-talking son, Scott are all unforgettable. I’m not overly depressed that the series is over, because none of the films are really buy-worthy. However, there are always rumors of another Austin Powers movie in the works. Who knows? Mike Myers hasn’t really been doing anything in a long time anyway.

One thought on “The Austin Powers Collection (1997-2002)

  1. In all, I like the series a bit better than you, but agree they can be a bit unfocused. The best part about them, in my opinion, is how self aware they are. To that end, Dr. Evil’s son is a very underappreciated character. He always knows that what his dad is about to do to Austin Powers is a stupid idea and suggests he just kill the man while he has the chance. In that sense, he speaks what we’re thinking. He gives us a nice entry point into the movies. And I’m a sucker for self-aware comedies and well done parodies.


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