Rush Hour 3 (2007)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Careful, I’m unpredictable.

A lot of people often hate a lot of films that I tend to like…that’s just a fact of life. Sure, most of the time I understand why others hate a movie, but that never stops me from enjoying a flick. The same goes for movies I hate that generally everyone else loves. I was never really a fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey for example. Most of the time, my reviews pretty much match others, but I’m not afraid to deviate from the popular vote. I have one job, to explain my view and hope everyone reading understands. Rush Hour 3 has some pretty bad reviews in general, but this and the second film in the franchise are the ones that I remember the most of. It’s just as hilarious, so what’s the big idea?

Before I get into all of that, let me first explain the plot. Back in Los Angeles, Inspector Lee is looking after Ambassador Han when a sniper from a building across the street shoots his shoulder. Apparently, Han was about to disclose some pertinent information about the triad’s secret leaders, and the shot was to silence him. Throughout the film, Lee and Carter investigate the shooting, which leads them to Paris and the Eiffel Tower may or may not play a significant role in this film.

First of all, let’s talk about why other critics don’t like the film. Apparently, as RottenTomatoes consensus states, it’s just a rehash of the other films. Well let me offer this question in protest…what would you have it be? I’m a fan of originality as much as the next guy, but sometimes this is what a series needs in order to continue. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The only problem comes from predictability. Well that’s where I start to understand. Some of the jokes are rehashed, both exact jokes and types of jokes, and a character that is good that turns out to be bad is predictable, thanks to their typecast nature. Other than that, as far as plot goes, it still generally maintained an un-guessable plot.

I just want to put it out there that not everything is a rehash. There are still fresh jokes that still have you cracking up. There are still brilliantly-choreographed fights from Jackie Chan, and stunts that will have your jaw dropping. There are still great scenes of onscreen chemistry between Chan and Tucker. It is still directed by Brett Ratner. Guys, some series that go on for 10 years lose their oomph and their strength…even though they are original. Die Hard, for instance definitely has different things introduced…but it deviated from the initial course so much it’s hard to even believe Bruce Willis is John McClane anymore. Rush Hour 3 still feels exactly like a Rush Hour film. From beginning to end, you won’t question the tone, themes, or comedy of this sequel, and I think that’s something special.

The fight scenes are really memorable, and out of all three films, I probably remember the fights in this film more clearly than the others. However, that may just be because this was released sooner. They were smart and over-the-top, like they should be though. I mean, come on…the giant Asian fight and the Eiffel Tower fight? Brilliant. I really don’t care if anyone has anything bad to say about the fights. They weren’t too cartoonish as Jackie Chan sometimes does, they were just right, just as they always have been in this series. Some people don’t really care for fights, but that’s half of why you should watch the movie in the first place!

The Good:
Memorable scenes come to mind when thinking of the film in its entirety. After nine years, the whole gang still knows how to kick tail and create awesome comedy together.

The Bad:
Technically, the writing was a little lazy. If you nitpick and can’t just enjoy a movie for a movie, you’ll see that yes, some of the stuff feels a little rehashed, which may diminish some of how it makes you feel overall.

Memorable Quote:

Detective James Carter: I’ll be asking the questions old man. Who are you?

Master Yu: Yu.

Detective James Carter: No, not me. You.

Master Yu: Yes, I’m Yu.

Detective James Carter: Are you deaf?

Master Yu: No. Yu is blind.

Detective James Carter: I’m not blind. You blind.

Master Yu: That is what I just said.

Detective James Carter: You just said what?

Master Yu: I did not say what, I said Yu.

Detective James Carter: That’s what I’m asking you.

Master Yu: And Yu is answering.

Detective James Carter: Shut up!

Detective James Carter: You!

Master Yu: Yes?

Detective James Carter: Not you. Him! What’s your name?

Mi: Mi.

Detective James Carter: Yes, you.

Mi: I’m Mi.

Master Yu: He’s Mi and I’m Yu.

Detective James Carter: And I’m about to whoop your old ass man because I am sick of playing games!

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