The First Annual DEM Awards 2013

The First Annual DEM Awards 2013


What in the world is “DEM Awards?”. Great, I’m glad you asked. DEM is “Dave Examines Movies”, and thanks to a list of categories provided by Half Popped ReviewsI am able to provide you with a brief list of my favorite films of the year. I know, the year isn’t really finished quite yet, but I doubt the rest of the year will provide me with films that would win in these categories. Also, Half Popped Reviews only has some of the categories, I provided the others which I deemed necessary for any review feature.  So let’s get cracking.

Best Actor

Hugh-JackmanWhen it comes to quality acting, I don’t know if I’d say Hugh Jackman over, say, George Clooney. However, I can easily say that I enjoyed his performance more overall when I saw The Wolverine. When you have the ability to play the same character for over a decade, I’d say you’ve done your job, and you have done it well (especially for a character that doesn’t age). He has defined the character of Wolverine, which is awesome…kind of worrysome if they ever want to make a reboot in the far far away future.

Runner up: George Clooney, Robert Downey, Jr.

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