The First Annual DEM Awards 2013


What in the world is “DEM Awards?”. Great, I’m glad you asked. DEM is “Dave Examines Movies”, and thanks to a list of categories provided by Half Popped ReviewsI am able to provide you with a brief list of my favorite films of the year. I know, the year isn’t really finished quite yet, but I doubt the rest of the year will provide me with films that would win in these categories. Also, Half Popped Reviews only has some of the categories, I provided the others which I deemed necessary for any review feature.  So let’s get cracking.

Best Actor

Hugh-JackmanWhen it comes to quality acting, I don’t know if I’d say Hugh Jackman over, say, George Clooney. However, I can easily say that I enjoyed his performance more overall when I saw The Wolverine. When you have the ability to play the same character for over a decade, I’d say you’ve done your job, and you have done it well (especially for a character that doesn’t age). He has defined the character of Wolverine, which is awesome…kind of worrysome if they ever want to make a reboot in the far far away future.

Runner up: George Clooney, Robert Downey, Jr.

Best Actress

TJennifer-Lawrencehis was a tougher choice, because as far as I’m concerned, Sandra Bullock takes the cake for best performance of 2013. I think it takes a bit more than a performance to define “actress” though. Like with Hugh Jackman, it also takes enjoyability. Yes, Bullock was really entertaining as well, but Jennifer Lawrence took a film that I didn’t think would do very well, and made it awesome. When a film leaves your mouth dragging on the floor, you gotta hand it to the actors for delivering such an impressive story.

Runner Up: Sandra Bullock

Best Director

AlfonsoOkay, I need to cut Gravity some slack. I just figure everyone is going to be giving it credit for every one of the categories when there are other films that exist that also deserve these awards. At the same time, Directors have never really been that important to me, because I like to go into a movie completely blind. Hardly ever do I know who directed what. Sometimes though, a movie is so impressive with the direction that you kind of have to hand the director kudos, and such a film exists for this man.

Runner up: Francis Lawrence

Most Enjoyable Movie of 2013

AOdd-ThomasHalf Popped Reviews puts it, “maybe it wasn’t of the highest quality, but you enjoyed it the most.” I couldn’t put it any different myself. Odd Thomas is a film that I was waiting on for years to watch because it was the film adaptation for one of my favorite books of all time. A book I’ve read so many times. As much as I believe and appreciate in creative freedom, I admittedly loved that the film stayed true to the book. No, the effects weren’t amazing, but what was so great was how the film was somehow able to take exactly what you imagined while reading, and placed it in the film. I’m talking every actor, scene, and camera angle. It was so close it was freaky.

Runner up: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Pacific Rim

Most Disappointing Movie of 2013

Great-GatsbyI can’t say I was surprised this was so bad (at least to me), but I was at least disappointed in it. Just look at the long list of A-class actors in this film. Leonardo DiCaprio is an actor that, while not my favorite in the world, as proven himself time and time again enough for me to believe in his abilities. I didn’t think it was even possible for him to disappoint me so much. It’s not even close to my lowest rating of the year (Scary Movie 5), but for a movie with such hype and promise…can’t say that I wasn’t disappointed.

Runner up: Movie 43

Most Surprisingly Good Movie of 2013

Hunger-GamesYes, this was literally a surprise for me. I really loved The Hunger Games, but everything told me that this film wouldn’t even touch the first. It was the second film, so there wouldn’t be as much character development. The first was so solid from beginning to end and there was no way in my mind this would beat that. Heck, there is two more films, so this is playing monkey in the middle. Yet, my jaw ended up on the floor, because this was such an iconic film.

Runner up: Pacific Rim, The Wolverine

Best Visuals of 2013

Into-DarknessEvery year, visuals are always getting more and more incredible, making this decision harder and harder. There were so many films with amazing visuals this year. Even if a movie is horrible, it’s visuals can still be great. That being said, Star Trek: Into Darkness is a film that fits the bill in both areas. Also, I want to point out that technically, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug could very well fit into this category, but I’m making a rash decision because I don’t really love The Hobbit series. Yes, they do have good visuals…but does it matter when you don’t really care?

Runner up: The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, Pacific Rim, Iron Man 3

Favorite Action Movie of 2013

World-War-ZHere we have a movie that no one seems to care about as much as I do. When I saw World War Z, my mind was spinning. You see zombie and infestation films all the time, but not quite like this. And what do people complain about half the time? They pick one scene out of the movie to complain about, and say that it’s the reason the whole movie is terrible. Yes, there is advertisement for Pepsi in the film, but whoever thinks advertisement in film changes how good or bad it is, you’re dead wrong.

Runner up: Iron Man 3, The Wolverine, White House Down

Favorite Comedy of 2013

This-is-the-EndWhile other idiots are choosing the dumbest comedy of the year (We’re the Millers), which isn’t even funny, I thought hard into what the funniest movie of the year really was, and I came upon two answers. I finally rested upon This is the End. Yes, it is all over the place, but these actors are that ridiculous in real life, which helps magnify the humor used in the film over and and over again. The second choice was The World’s End, the third film in Simon Pegg’s Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, which I think also very well deserves this award.

Runner up: The World’s End

Favorite Drama of 2013

YPlace-Beyond-Pineses, this is one of the categories that I added, because come on, how can you not add drama to a list of award categories? Anyways this was a touch choice, because it was either The Place Beyond the Pines or What Maisie Knew, two films that I consider astonishing in their own right. What made me choose in the end is how big of a project The Place Beyond the Pines really was, it is a massive production that covers the life of one guy and the people that his life effects. Quite a moving and powerful story.

Runner up: What Maisie Knew

Favorite Sci-Fi Film of 2013

OblivionComplain all you want, this was a fabulous film. Yes, it takes a little inspiration from Moon, but I love the way it does everything. Tom Cruise was awesome in the role, and I would definitely say this is a film I would like to add to my at-home collection of Blu-Rays. At the same time, I’m not even sure if I saw many more true sci-fi flicks of the year. Maybe Pacific Rim, but even then, I would rather call that a fantasy film than anything else.

Runner up: Pacific Rim

Favorite Soundtrack of 2013

Pacific-RimYes, this is yet another category that I added for the review, for a couple of reasons. First of all, I believe that Pacific Rim deserves an award for itself, and two, because honestly – this was a very powerful and catchy soundtrack that is sure to get you moving. It was like a video game, slash live-action fantasy of two action figures fighting in real life. A satisfaction for any guy that ever played with action figures as a boy.

Runner up: Oblivion

Favorite Thriller of 2013

Purge,-TheI had to think about this for a bit, because the definition of “thriller” is different for everyone. I think of it as more or less a watered down horror film, and it’s a genre I actually prefer. The Purge is a perfect example of a thriller, I think. You got a bunch of killers coming to a house and keeping everyone on the edge of their tension, as well as the audience watching. Not only that, but the idea behind the movie itself is thought provoking and given the right mood while watching, could keep you up at night.

Runner up: Prisoners

Favorite Horror Film of 2013

Conjuring,-TheI didn’t really want to answer this question, because there is still a horror film that I want to see (Carrie), and I wasn’t really the biggest fan of any horror film that was released this year, not even my pick, The Conjuring, but at least I could see some positives about the film in order to pick it, since I had to pick something. Because I haven’t seen Carrie, I can’t speak for it, so I’ll just place it in the runner up section.

Runner up: Carrie

Best Animated Film of 2013

FrozenYay, yet another category that I created (and last). There was just no way I was going to get away without giving an animated movie an award. The only movies to pick from were Despicable Me 2, Monsters University, and Frozen, and it was no contest here. Frozen was crazy good for so many different reasons. You have got to hand it to Disney Animations Studios, because they keep bringing it every time.

Runner up: Despicable Me 2, Monsters University

Best Picture of 2013

GravitySo here we are, best movie of the year all around. No movie is perfect, and I’m not gonna lie, there was other movies this year that I enjoyed more, but as far as production as a whole goes, Gravity is without the doubt the most unique, beautiful, and powerful film of the year. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are fabulous in the film. If there is any movie out of the whole year that you should actually see, this would be the one!

Runner up: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Odd Thomas

13 thoughts on “The First Annual DEM Awards 2013

    1. Horror has suspense too, doesn’t make it a thriller, I wouldn’t think. I think a thriller is more psychological – gets inside your head in way that’s close to suspense


    1. See, I would have chosen George Clooney, but let’s be honest…he wasn’t in much of Gravity. Like I said, Hugh Jackman probably wasn’t the best quality actor of the year, but heck, I really enjoyed him in the Wolverine, and after X-Men Origins, I didn’t think they could pull off a standalone Wolverine film, and they did. That made Wolverine one of my favorite films of the year, and this is the only award it got


      1. Which is fair. Obviously a personal preference thing.

        I didn’t like The Wolverine half so much (gave it, I think, a D+), but I agree Jackman plays Logan very well. I just don’t think he was nearly so powerful as Tom Hanks, Matthew McConaughey, Chiwetell Ejiofer, Robert Redford, Forrest Whitaker, or several others. Obviously part of that is the difference in movie genre.


      2. Ahhh yes, well I haven’t seen Captain Phillips, and I have Mud rated decently high, but I had to think about how I felt about it, so there’s that, Robert Redford and Whitaker…I don’t even know what movies you’re talking about – so those I haven’t seen probably


      3. I would call McConaughy better in Dallas Buyer’s Club. He’s a Supporting Actor in Mud, even if he’ll be called the Lead. Redford’s movie is All is Lost. Whitaker’s is The Butler.

        But, like I said, it’s clearly a personal preference thing. Jackman is quite good in Wolverine. I wouldn’t call it award good, but I don’t think it’s egregious that you do. 😉


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