Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Lacks what’s needed.

While everyone else around the globe is busy despising everything that is, was, and ever will be about Will Ferrell, I respectfully disagree. I both like and respect the man, but there is also a lot of his movies that I don’t like at the same time. Unlike the rest of the world though, I don’t give up on him so easily. I know the man can act, I’ve seen Stranger than Fiction, he just really loves stupid, retarded comedies, that’s just who he is. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy is a movie I wouldn’t put on the top of my Will Ferrill’s Best Films list, but maybe most memorable.

This film is about a chap named Ron Burgandy, who apparently, the world is in love with. He is a local news anchor with a severe case of narcissism. His life was perfect, being the lead anchor of the number one news station around and going to parties every night for twenty years…he couldn’t be happier. Everything changes, though, when a female is hired into the station in order to appeal to an audience that increasingly wants diversity. At first, the news team is outraged at the hiring of a woman in a news room, and then Ron falls in love with her and they begin dating. However, his narcissim comes back to play when she tries to get an anchor position.

You know what bugs me about this flick? A lot, and I’ll start with the humor. I didn’t exactly hate the comedy in this flick, but I didn’t exactly love it, either. My main issue with it was that I wasn’t a fan of Will Ferrell’s humor specifically. He’s got some great moments in the film, given, but I found myself finding literally everyone else in the movie funny but Ferrell, especially Steve Carell’s role as Brick. This is really confusing to me, because out of the entire cast, I like Ferrell’s character the best. They are all really memorable, but Ron Burgandy is a great character on his own with some amazing one-liners that stick with you for a long time. Think about how rarely we get original characters anymore that actually stick with you. So on that note, bravo, Mr. Ferrell.

I would also like to point out that I had a great deal of confusion while trying to figure out the point of the film, does it even have a real plot? Is it coming-of-age? It seems to be a lot of things squeezed together, turning into a big glob of…stuff. The only real goal that I can see is just to put in as many outlandish funny things in to make up the difference. The problem with that is that I, like many others, like to watch a movie that actually has a point. I’m also aware that they filmed so much stuff in the film enough to create an alternate version of the film, to which I’ve also seen. From what I can remember, that’s where the actual plot of the film plays out. I’ll have to check that one out again.

The bad thing about shooting so much is that you are potentially leaving out something important that can ultimately make a movie better. I think some of the stuff in the alternate version of Anchorman would have made this better, but not all of it…it was already juggling enough as is. My primary concern is that I have heard the same thing about the sequel…that they filmed enough to make an alternate version…which they probably will. Tells me that the second film might not have a solid point either…which worries me.

Finally, the chemistry between Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate is, let’s be real here, nonexistent. I understand the need for a comedy film to be all over the map and ridiculous like that, but no movie should go all out in one genre. They need a healthy balance, and truly, the thing that this film needed the most was emotion. Didn’t even need to be much, just enough to pull the audience in for the final stretch of the flick. Something for us to actually like the characters more, if nothing else. Something we can connect with. Unfortunately, that’s something the movie didn’t have. Anyways, like I said, there is still a lot of memorable elements that the film had, and it is still pretty hilarious in certain parts, so don’t take my word on it, check it out for yourself!

The Good:

The assorted cast works really well together, are all colorful in their own way, and make a lot of hilarious jokes when all in the same room together. Also…just…Steve Carell is freaking hilarious on his own here. Great one-liners throughout this memorable flick.

The Bad:

No real plot; virtually nonexistent chemistry between Ferrell and Applegate; Will Ferrell’s jokes are duller than the rest.

Memorable Quote:

Ron Burgandy: No! No! I will not eat that cat poop!


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