Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie (2004)


Dave’s 3-Word Review
Sloppy, disjointed mess.

You got prequels, sequels, remakes, reimaginings, and then you have the movies that you just can’t place into any categories whatsoever. Those movies are accompanied by Wake Up, Ron Burgundy! The Lost Movie, which is a completely alternate version of the original film, made purely because they shot way too much stuff. It would be totally fine if they named this Anchorman 1.5 and included more story from the first in order to make it feel like a more complete story. It might have even been better than the first if they just…re-edited it, but no. They made a grave error when they put together this film, and I’ll go over that in a bit.

In this alternate story, Ron Burgundy and his team must follow the tense news story of a bunch of bank robbers that have been going around the city. Turns out they have big plans for a different kind of future, and they plan to kidnap and force the already popular news team to release this information to the world. Can Ron Burgundy and the team thwart these criminal’s evil plans, or will our future be torn apart?

There are things I respectfully really love about this version of the film, honestly, but before I get into that, I really need to get something off my chest. They tried to make this film a sequel. You can tell, because the narrator tells the audience that Ron and Veronica were still together. Technically, this film is supposed to take place after the first. The only problem with that is – both films…are from the same script. Same script, same scenes, same circumstances…and you can tell. Yeah, they shot so much stuff the first time around that they’re pretty much just cutting out the main story of the first and using the alternate takes here while doing the whole criminal….hijacking the studio plot.

That doesn’t save anything though. Because they’re trying to make it a whole other film, they are missing integral parts of the story, things that connect Point A to Point B. Then, they need the narrator to explain a few things, and you know what…it just doesn’t make any sense half the time. The other half, you can tell that they needed to fill in the blanks with the same stuff from the first…and it is just so sloppy of a job that it’s ridiculous. He and Veronica were supposed to already have been dating, so why is she getting mad…again…when he mentions they are dating on air? Why is she calling him Mr. Burgundy? They just try to explain everything away by these smaller details that just don’t add up. It only works as an alternate version of the same movie, not as a continuation – that was their grave, grave error.

Now, here’s what I did love about the film. In a lot of scenes, I actually found it funnier than the first, and here’s why: the original intent of the film was to have these crooks as the antagonist, and that plays a vital role into the story, characters, and comedy. It provides the plot that the first one was missing, and somewhere mixed between both movies combined is a hilarious film that was never made. They intended to have these characters, and the ending to this film as the original ending to the movie that was originally only one movie. They had to re-make the ending for the original film…and it wasn’t all that great. Never, never end a movie with a secondary ending…here’s proof as to why. This ending was nothing short of hilarious.

The Good:

If you’re just looking for some extra fun, and aren’t too picky with how well a story is put together, this can be really funny…it’s like..a pretty well put-together collection of deleted scenes and outtakes.

The Bad:

If you are picky about a good movie with a solid plot and easy-to-understand story, this is definitely not it. So much slop, so much disjointed errors…it’s disappointing. It shouldn’t have been played as a continuation of the first.

Memorable Quote:

Champ Kind: Why is everyone ignoring me? I love you, Ron! And I think we should adopt a child together in Vermont! Answer me!

Ron Burgundy: Um… so… uh… the… the car’s running great.


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