The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Both worlds’ best

In the sense of trilogies, it’s the third film where things always tend to come together. Yes, The Bourne Legacy changes the series and removes the “trilogy” tag, but as a Jason Bourne-centric series, it’s still a trilogy in my heart. I still really like Legacy, but that’s more of a spin-off series than anything else. The Bourne Ultimatum definitely clears the air for some unanswered questions and is satisfying in a lot of different ways as well. I still can’t say it’s as good as the first film, but it’s definitely up there.

So, Jason Bourne is still a bit foggy on his origin story and according to a news reporter, Treadstone has a successor, and it’s called Blackbriar. That means…it’s not as over as we initially thought it was, and people are still after him. So obviously, Bourne must take down the government again as he searches for more details on his history. Neither he nor the audience will ever be satisfied unless he fills in the blanks, and he is inches away from the truth…but the CIA is also inches away from finding Bourne. It’s a cat and mouse chase from here on out…but who will win?

One thing I specifically remember being unique about this film is its connection to The Bourne Supremacy. Specifically the end scene of Supremacy. If you recall, Bourne is seen talking to Pamela Landy on the phone, and hints to her that he sees her by telling her to “get some rest”. That same exact scene was in Ultimatum signifying that the timeframe of Ultimatum overlaps with Supremacy. Now that I watched all of the films nearly back-to-back, I mostly disagree with that. In Supremacy, that scene alone takes place a long time after the previous scene. The only thing that overlaps…is that scene. I always thought that was unique, but now that I understand it a bit better…I am a little disappointed because it’s not as cool. That may just be me, though.

I still see this film as a best of both worlds scenario, though. Everything that you love about Jason Bourne is present. The action, fighting, car chases, mystery, romance, espionage, conspiracy…you name it. It’s all there for an explosive finale. It’s got the right ingredients for this casserole, but the character development is a little off. What we are introduced to in Identity is really unique, and I haven’t really seen anything like it since. The surprise factor of that film and complete mystery is overwhelming every time you watch it. The sequels aren’t as surprising now, because you know Jason Bourne. He’s awesome, for sure, but it doesn’t surprise you to see him use his skills. Losing that mystery subtracts from the overall tone, but it’s still a thoroughly entertaining flick, no doubt.

The story in this film was about Treadstone being reborn as Blackbriar, and what that means for Bourne and others like him. Basically, he has the intellect and physical ability to live out his life in solitude, but he couldn’t sit idly by and watch this business destroy other lives like his…he had to get to the root of the problem and destroy it. I won’t say if he gets the job done or not, but the ending is satisfying while still leaving it open for debate.

The Good:

Jason Bourne is an amazing character that deserves screen time. I would watch his character in anything, because it’s just that unique and amazing. So seeing him here is just as epic. The Bourne Ultimatum did quite a few good things – it took the best things about Bourne and created a truly epic action flick and it came full circle in a way that ended up being quite iconic.

The Bad:

No film can be as good as the first, because that’s where they had everything: characters, action, story, surprise, mystery, romance…the works. All of which were spread evenly apart, never feeling too complicated or clustered. The sequels are great, but the first film just exuded a feeling that the others never touched again.

Memorable Quote:

Noah Vosen: Our target is a British national – Simon Ross, a reporter. I want all his phones, his BlackBerry, his apartment, his car, bank accounts, credit cards, travel patterns – I want to know what he’s going to think before he does. Every dirty little secret he has, and most of all we want the name and real-time location of his source. This is NSA priority level 4. Any questions?

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