Best Man Down (2013)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Takes a while.

Sometimes, you watch a movie not because of its promotion, but because of something else. Maybe you want to watch a movie based on who is starring, that’s common. For me, I watched Best Man Down because of where it takes place and where it was filmed – Minneapolis and surrounding areas in Minnesota. Having lived there myself, I thought it would be interesting to try to catch places I’ve actually been. This movie isn’t heavy on what I expected it to be, but it is interesting in its own right. This is a film that I think I’m going to have to really stick up for, and for good reason.

The film itself is all about a man named Lumpy (Tyler Labine), who is very well-loved. In the beginning of the film, it shows that Lumpy is the best man at his friend Scott’s wedding, but randomly and shortly dies after the ceremony. So Scott takes it upon himself to bring his friend’s body back to Minneapolis for the funeral. He goes door-to-door inviting people to the funeral that Lumpy knew, and his past is very revealing to everyone. Including his friendship with Ramsey (Addison Timlin), which plays a huge part in the actual story.

Forewarning: This movie starts off very slow, and maintains a level of somberness to it that’s hard to miss. For some reason, this film is categorized under “comedy” when it has no right to be named comedy, it is drama through and through, and a very emotional drama at that. Like I said though, the film starts off incredibly slowly, and it doesn’t take you very long to start pondering what the point of all this is. I’ll be honest, I still don’t know what the plot of the film really was, and that’s a major drawback, because I actually really ended up liking it. The thing is…the only thing that kept me watching the film was wanting to see Minneapolis, that’s it. Without that, I probably would have stopped it because the film was so slow, boring, and seemingly moving without any real direction.

I’m glad I kept watching, though, because the movie ends up being pretty well-done on a lot of fronts. The acting is unbelievable, especially from Tyler Labine and Addison Timlin. Their personal relationship is really important and so strong, that it makes you think. Our world is paranoid for good reason, but maybe a little too paranoid. Sometimes the thing you need the most is the kind of friendship this film so accurately displayed. The very fact that this relationship was the main story hidden behind the perspective of the newlywed was also a very smart move. Too many movies have the traditional perspective, when making it not so obvious, you add a little mystery that keeps the audience guessing…which is apparent here as well.

The film is very emotional throughout many of its scenes, but again, people are going to have a hard time connecting with it because of its over drawn out introduction and confusing promotion. Its poster looks exactly like a comedy poster, the title is kind of funny too, it even says on IMDb “comedy”…that’s just false advertisement. This is little more than a soap opera, guys. The direction of the film is honestly sloppy, so it’s hard not to find flaws in this film. All I can say is that by the end of the film, you will be satisfied…if you can get through the whole thing. So…try?

The Good:

After watching Best Man Down in its entirety, you will be satisfied for the most part. It’s emotional scenes are expertly acted with charming characters.

The Bad:

The direction just doesn’t make a lot of logical sense. The film is advertised as a comedy for the most part, and its drama. The film is slow and somber, and hard to get through…but if you do, see “the good”.


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