Rubber (2010)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
what the *^&*$.

What is the weirdest movie you have ever seen? It might take you a while to answer that question, but it would only take me a few seconds. Rubber is the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen because it set forth with a goal to be just that…weird. The movie itself begins with a foreword telling the audience that the movie you are about to watch is filled with “no reason”. Why? Well, because every great film out there has an important element of “no reason”, like why the alien was brown in E.T. for instance. So they decided to make the perfect movie…one that’s filled with “no reason”.

This film is hard to explain the plot, but I’ll try anyway. It’s about a killer tire that is born in the desert, learns it has psycho-telekinetic powers and goes around blowing things up for no reason, including people’s heads. All the meanwhile a group of people watch from a mountaintop with binoculars as if the whole thing was a film, as explained to them in the beginning of the movie. The whole movie very well may be a film, and the only person who knows it are the people watching and the sheriff…or something…it doesn’t really matter.

How in the world do you explain a movie that was never supposed to be taken seriously and doesn’t make a lot of logical sense? I guess just like that. It set forth from the beginning to be the most obscure thing in the world, and it set critics in a trap. No critic can say this film doesn’t make a lot of sense because things happen without reason, because the filmmakers would just jump back with “that was the whole reason”. And it was. The film is insane, and its obscurity is hilarious. The only way obscurity like this works is if the film itself is self-aware. The movie is more self-aware than most movies out there.

The “audience” in the film are supposed to represent the audience actually watching the movie, and their commentary throughout the film reflects our own while watching…so it’s kind of a parody if you think about it. There are honestly some brilliant moments in the movie, and a lot of that has to do with mixing boldness with being creative. By creating something that’s never been done before and having the gonads to make it a reality makes this projects special in its own right. Someone had a vision, sure it may have been created with acid, but it was a vision nonetheless, and I think overall the film was a success.

What I do have to complain about though, is “no reason” is a broad term, and it doesn’t excuse everything that actually happens in the film, nor explains everything. Basically, this chief of police, or sheriff apparently knows the real world around him is a movie, but everyone else doesn’t. It doesn’t take the time to explain his significance or role deeper, and that seemed like something that could have been really interesting to watch. Like when people shot him and he felt no pain, proving it was a movie. That was some Truman Show potential that was completely ignored as it went to the next scene. By ignoring that, we are left unsatisfied, confused, and disappointed. Like I said “no reason” doesn’t apply here.

I guess this is what I get for watching a random Netflix Instant movie. Okay fine, I had some fun while watching it, but its level of strangeness may be too much for others.

The Good:

If you’re a fan of the bizarre with movies, boy do I have a film for you. Rubber is one of the strangest movies you will ever watch, but strange in a good way.

The Bad:

Rubber uses the same excuse for the whole film, “no reason”, which doesn’t work for every situation and ultimately leaves the viewer disappointed in a few select scenes.

Memorable Quote:

Man in wheelchair: Excuse me, I hate to be a bother, but… the way I look at it, this scene makes no sense at all. Not that it was great to begin with, but at least I understood it. Now, this is just uh, totally confusing.

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