Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:

I’m a cursed man, ladies and gentlemen, like the people in these Paranormal Activity movies, I am cursed. While I may not be marked for possession, I am certainly cursed with curiosity. I have so much love and respect for the first movie in the franchise that I can’t help myself from watching every movie, even the spinoff, The Marked Ones. It’s because however small it may be, there is an overall arching plot and I still have an obligation to report on how that’s going, whether or not I actually like it anymore…which honestly, I don’t really like it anymore. However, I always see a path they could take to bring it back to greatness, and even though they never do, I always hold onto the hope that they will. And here we are.

I think the point of this one was to explain a few plot holes that the last one left off, but in turn it made things quite a bit more confusing. The story revolves, for the most part, around this Latino guy named Jesse. Jesse gets bitten by a demon…or something, and he soon learns that he is marked for possession, and he starts realizing that in the meantime he has these…superpowers…or something. But the good life turns out for the horror, and he learns that his downstairs neighbor is into witchcraft, and there are some seriously weird things in her book of…power or darkness, or whatever the heck it is.

Like I said, I think the point of this film was to fill in some holes, but instead we’re left with wide-open gaps that just don’t make any sense anymore. The end of the movie was really cool because it really connected all of the movies together, but in order to actually do that, their method could be easily reacted to with “wtf”. It takes everything that Paranormal Activity was about and spits in its face. No longer is this series about ghosts and demons, but now it’s about witchcraft and….well I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s kind of ridiculous when you really think about it. Let’s just say it should have been called Science Fiction Activity instead.

Now, let’s talk about the way this was made. Usually in Paranormal Activity films, they update how it’s made. How do they change things up? How do they keep things fresh? In the fourth film, they used the X-Box Kinect as well as Skype. This film they used the GoPro camera and…a Simon game. You know that color-based memory game fun for the whole family? Yeah, they used that thing like a Ouija board, and it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen, and they kept doing it. I didn’t have a problem with the GoPro unit, but they barely ever used it unfortunately. Now of course, they introduced that “science fiction” subplot which really changes things up for the series, and like I said, it ruins the series totally. It’s not horror anymore. It’s science fiction and fantasy. I’m disappointed, folks. I’m sure, however, that I will be watching Paranormal Activity 5 when it comes out though, because that’s still…canon? Part of the main franchise? Not a spin-off? Heck, I don’t know what it is anymore.

I’m going to try to put it real gently. The overall arc still has potential, it can still be interesting if they do it right. It isn’t a complete lost cause. I still have interest in the series. I am disappointed, but I haven’t sworn it off quite yet. I will also say that as far as “scary” goes, the franchise is a lost cause, it will never be scary again, but the story itself can still hold interest if they do…it…right. That’s important, and I hope they don’t continue to screw things up.

The Good:

Um…Well…there was the…or maybe…the ending was kind of cool?

The Bad:

To be fair, the connection the film had to the others was respected, but it’s lost its way. The story that they are attempting to tell can be interesting still if they do it right, but I’m on edge with this franchise. I loved the first, but I don’t approve of what has been done.



6 thoughts on “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)

  1. I’ve always been a supporter of this franchise, but by now, it all seems to be very stale. Let’s hope this next one they have planned is at least “okay”, to say the least. Good review Dave.


    1. Thanks, bud. So am I. I cannot miss one of these movies. There’s something about the way the writers think that still gets me, no matter how stupid the actual movie progression is. The first one is my favorite horror film, BY FAR. Am I afraid of anything that happens anymore, heck no, but the story is just weird enough to still be interesting.


  2. So while this movie tried to connect with all the others, it’s like the directors forgot their own movies already. Ali is magically an expert on this witchcraft, even though she’s supposed to have only come home 2 days after her family is killed…. But the movie ends in Katie’s house when she kills Micah? Yet according to paranormal 2- Katie kills Micah, then goes an kidnaps Hunter/ murders his family. So someone please explain how Alis family is dead and she’s a knowledge source when Hunter hasn’t even been kidnapped yet. WTF……


    1. Time Travel. To give you a play by play – spoilers to anyone else:

      The main guy goes back in time through a portal, ending up in Katie’s house. This actually happens in PA1, you just don’t see it, but you do hear it. In PA1, Katie walks down the stairs, screams MICAH!, to which Micah runs after her without the camera. The next thing you hear is footsteps up the stairs, a dead Micah, and then a demonic Katie. What happened downstairs could have been anything, including our boy from PA:The Marked Ones showing up through Time Travel.


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