Anchorman 2: R-Rated Version (2013)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Blooper reel, mostly.

Back in the end of 2013, a group of friends and I went to the theater to see Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and boy did I laugh. Now, I’ll admit that out of most Will Ferrell and Anchorman fans, I was in the minority when I say that I liked it more than the first, and there’s a reason for that. Because they filmed so much for the first movie, it was split into two different movies, the first being the main one, and the second one was an accumulation of extra and alternate scenes that they tried to pull off as a completely different film altogether – not the best idea…however, the alternative cut was actually funnier in a lot of ways, it had the actual “plot” that the first never had, and it had potential all around. So obviously, the R-Rated cut of Anchorman 2 will be compared to Wake Up, Ron Burgundy! Because it is alternative takes…however, the difference is that it never claims to be a different movie, which was their main issue last time. I love these guys, and I love the humor they bring, especially when it’s ad-libbed so I had to at least check this thing out.

“This time, beloved anchor Ron Burgandy is working with his wife, Veronica in a top news station, but when their boss fires him and promotes her, they immediately get divorced, and Ron goes into depression. Not as bad as the first one, but still. He is approached by a scout and asked to be a part of a news station called GNN, which is a 24-hour news program (clearly jabbing at CNN). He reluctantly agrees and assembles his crew together to join in on his adventure. There, he changes the way news is seen forever, by showing people what they want to see instead of what they need to see. Meanwhile, he is busy trying to juggle between jobs, loves, and being a father.” – taken from the original review of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

I find it a bit silly to actually review this movie, because it essentially is the same exact thing. Same plot, same themes, same basic humor, just different jokes. The main reason, though, why I review this isn’t so much to review the movie as much as to inform the audience which one comes out on top. It’s a good question, because there’s way too many versions of this movie. There’s the PG-13 cut, the R-rated cut, and the unrated cut, and this is the longest of all three. Which one would you even consider watching? I personally would choose to watch all three out of curiosity, but the best one is probably the unrated cut (I haven’t seen that one). As far as what I heard, the unrated is mostly the same thing as the theatrical one (PG-13), just with a bunch of F bombs strewn throughout. Here’s why I think the unrated cut is probably your best bet:

The fact is, this movie is a two and a half hour long blooper reel. These directors tell the actors to just blab on and on, come up with new material on the spot and then they take the best of the leftovers and throw it in your face here, along with some never-before-seen musical numbers. Some of the jokes stick pretty well, but for the most part, the funniest bits that the actors actually do…is in the theatrical cut. That was the intention the entire time, that’s what you should see (that or the unrated). All I know is that I laughed pretty hard in that theater and I didn’t so much here.

What I think, for the most part, is that for a funny movie to be really successful, the plot works hand-in-hand with the jokes. The original version’s jokes are just so sharply-written and they work so well with the movie that it all seems right. The ones in the R-rated version were actually pretty dull for the most part, and what it did in turn, was show you just how much the actors were over-acting, especially Christina Applegate, who just didn’t seem to want to be in the movie at all, and acted really, really sarcastic 100% of the time, and suddenly her absence in most of the movie makes sense. Let’s face it, her character in the original film was one of the most realistic characters there, and she grounded the thing and made it really special. Now she was practically making fun of the thing just to get it over with and collect her paycheck.

I honestly think this version hurt the film a little more than helped it. I don’t know.

The Good:

Some of the alternative jokes actually are pretty funny, even sometimes better than the original.

The Bad:

Sorry, but I can’t ignore it. It just doesn’t work as anything more than a really super long blooper reel. If you try to take the film seriously, than you’re going to have a bad time. Instead, watch the unrated version for that purpose.

Memorable Quote:

Champ Kind: The news team is done!

Brian Fantana: We’ll just have to see how it does in the box office first.

Champ Kind: What?



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