The Butterfly Effect 2 (2006)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
The Boredom Effect.

This film was selected from ‘The 250

When I wrote the review for The Butterfly Effect, I mentioned that when I watched the whole series before, I remembered the sequels not being as good as the first, and the pattern of best to worst was something like 1,3,2, the second film in the franchise being the worst. So far, that’s pretty much true, because if anyone saw this movie, I couldn’t see anyone actually wanting to see the third film. It’s because the sequels are your basic Hollywood sequels made just to make money, and having absolutely no connection to the first. However, I had to watch the second one to remember why it was so bad…well needless to say, I have my answer.

Okay, so in this sequel, we have four friends and Eric is the time traveler of the group.  His process of accessing his memory for time travel is actually through the use of photography, instead of the first film’s journal entries. This actually makes sense, because in the first film, Evan’s father used photography and Evan actually used videos in the end. So I guess the main idea is just to access memories in any way that works. Other than that, Eric has a job at a sales firm, or something, and well…bad things keep happening, but not in the amazing way the first told…in more of a workplace environment.

Let me put it this way – The Butterfly Effect 2 focused too much on this guy’s job and how many steamy scenes they could put in than containing a decent story that makes sense. The first film took its sweet time introducing us to Evan as a child, going through several blackouts which would be introduced later in the movie. This film operates on the central idea of his friends dying in the beginning of the movie. One moment in his life that changed everything. Well that’s great and all, but it leaves little to actually explore, doesn’t it? The more you have to explore, the bigger changes occur. Evan going back to his childhood allows for a lot of life experiences and memories that really mess things up on a grander scale. All this film had going for it was this Eric guy making sure he gets a promotion, as well as finding a way to date his girlfriend and keep his friends. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Also, I remember watching the first thinking, wow, such a unique look on time travel. While the same idea was applied here, more focus was put on this guy’s random job and girlfriend than it was on the fact that – this guy is travelling through time! It’s dealt with so nonchalantly and so matter-of-factly that I don’t think anyone can really care about the events of the film. Oh yeah, and it ignores the whole idea that once you change the past, you are bombarded with a life of new memories. He just wakes up in the new time and is all – no way, check out all this cool new stuff. He has no new memories, which doesn’t make any sense.

The film is also not as dark. It’s got dark themes, sure, but not in the same way. In fact, it’s quite a bit lighter than the first, which overall makes it feel out-of-place. Like it doesn’t even belong in the franchise to begin with. I mean, normally I can see somewhere the promise of the premise, but here it was a really crappy premise. It’s just about this idiot’s job and girlfriend, as if it were written by a chump that got fired from a job and lost the “girl that got away” and was using the film as a way to personally feel better. Get a life and don’t take it out on the audience!!

The Good:

This shouldn’t be so hard. Oh, um. Erica Durance from Smallville plays the main girlfriend. There’s a plus.

The Bad:

The premise was horrible, the ignorance of what makes this series work is unforgiveable. I can’t explain it any easier than that other than to say the movie sucks. Read the rest of the review for more information.

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