The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations (2009)


Dave’s 3-Word Review
Decent, but different.

This film was selected from ‘The 250

Trust me, if I had the ability to travel through time, I’d go back and make sure The Butterfly Effect 2 never happened, because it just appeared to me that some sad screenwriter was sore over losing a job and fawning over the “girl that got away” and decided to write his woes away in the script – turning it into complete garbage. Needless to say, I wasn’t a fan. I do remember, however, when I first watched the series, that The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations was a pretty decent addition to the series. I couldn’t remember all of the details, obviously, but then again it’s hard not to be better than the second film. So without further ado – the review.

The third film in the franchise focuses in on Sam Reide, our hero of the day that has the incredible ability to travel through time – at sheer will. Put your Psych hats on, because he’s working as a psychic detective. He basically travels to the past to observe a crime and report who the killer was. He doesn’t actually do anything about it because he doesn’t want to mess with consequences and alter the state of the world. However, out of curiosity, he goes back in time to when his girlfriend was murdered in order to stop it from happening, and thus begins the butterfly effect. People keep dying, he basically created a serial killer. Those closest to him think jumping through time so often was melting his brain and these were murders that he would eventually commit in the future (confusing, I know). Sure that he is innocent, he sets to put away the real criminal and set the world back on track.

Couple things, it should be stated that this is the most bizarre of all three films. It was a giant leap of faith what these filmmakers did, and I’m glad they did it. It doesn’t follow the same structure as the first two films – which is travelling through time based on memories. Pictures, letters, journals, videos. This guy travels back in time (in his own body) just by thinking about dates and times. You might argue that was a bad idea, but the movie is just based off of the butterfly effect theory. Not so much rules of the first film. I like it personally because it brings the focus back to time travel and it gives us a fresh new concept, a lot of great mystery, and a story that can keep us guessing.

What I didn’t exactly love about it was that it had a lot of lazy work done. It seems to be low budget, the acting is pretty poor, there’s no recognizable faces…it’s just…it’s not an attractive film. Not only that, but it followed a horrible film that was enough for anyone to say “no” to any subsequent films in the franchise. It had a bad rep going in, so I hardly see much of anyone giving this a shot. However, I believe it at least deserves a shot, because they definitely did a pretty darn good job at reviving what was left of the series.

You kind of have to watch this movie as a standalone film. Don’t compare it to the original, because it clearly wanted to go its own path. Let it. Let it take you where it wants to go on its own agenda and not yours. I know, I know the first film was amazing and it’s hard not to compare. All I have to say at this point is that The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations should have just been called something else. That would have fixed all of the problems that it did get.

The Good:

After such a poop sequel, the third film did a decent job at reviving what was left of the series with a new film with a great concept, unguessable mystery, intelligent plot, and fantastic characters.

The Bad:

I’m guessing there wasn’t a ton of finances for this film, or that it grossed that much. You see, it’s not the most attractive film in the world. The acting is mediocre at best, and there’s no recognizable face. Beyond that, I don’t remember seeing any commercial or movie trailer for it. It’s a forgotten film that no one ever knew existed. It’s not the best movie in the world, but it deserved better than that.

Memorable Quote:

Vicki: Are you gay? I could introduce you to my friend Brendan. He’s gay, too. Maybe you guys could hang out! Well, I’ll be sure to give you his number, and you can go, and you know, do man things. Sound good?


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