The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
The Overwhelming Spider-Man.

You know what’s really annoying? Listen up, Sony, because this directly correlates to you. You have got to chill out with your movie trailers. I’m not going to even look up how many movie trailers, tv spots, and clips were released for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but I’ll take a safe bet that it uses somewhere around 20 minutes of actual movie footage. I know, because that’s what you did with the first one. You over-hype this stuff, which makes the overall experience worse for the common man. Look, I’m okay with a trailer, I get it, but you don’t release dozens of these things over-hyping it like crazy. By the time your audience comes over to watch your stinkin’ movie, they already know everything about it. Who all the main characters are; some of the main action shots, some teases of what will happen in the end. I mean come on. 20 minutes is a lot of footage. Alright. I’m done with my rant now – let’s carry on with the review.

Spider-Man is back, and better than ever, but his relationship with Gwen Stacy is a little rocky because of something her father told him in the last film. All that relationship mumbo-jumbo is going to have to wait, because when a lonesome Oscorp employee falls victim to a terrible accident, he is transformed into Electro, a man with an uncontrollable power over electricity. Meanwhile, Harry Osborne, an old friend of Peter’s shows up to take over the company…what, oh what, will happen next.

I’ll tell you one thing about the trailers that they probably didn’t want to give away, and that are the flaws. It’s very action-oriented, that much is obvious. And it’s great action, too. Looks good in 3D, yatta yatta, but there’s so much of it that half the movie feels like it’s done up in CGI. It feels like a high-budget cartoon show. After those scenes it goes back to the more normal scenes with Andrew Garfield and – whatever. It’s a weird dynamic feeling between these visuals…it’s not incredibly terrible, but it doesn’t exactly….feel perfect. Then, the trailer also teased the characters, if not completely giving them all away. If the trailers didn’t give the characters away, spoilerific movie news did.

I won’t though, I won’t give away all of the characters, just know that there are a lot. Not so much in a – what the heck is going on – way, but more of a unnecessary way. There’s action popping left and right, and I get it…superhero movie, but it feels a bit forced. When it came to dramatic story-telling you had Peter and Gwen’s roller coaster relationship, and Peter’s continued search for truth with the mystery surrounding his dad. There was some great reveals there, but the greatness of the storytelling sometimes felt washed out by what seemed to be a stronger priority of action shots.

I will say what I liked, because I just seem to be bashing right now. I did like the movie, don’t get me wrong. When it comes to Spider-Man, I often think I know what suits him best in film, and I’ve never been a huge fan of the direction this series goes…so let me be clear – I liked the movie. Andrew Garfield, by far, has been the funniest Spider-Man which is really important for his character, kind of like Iron Man. Also, as much as I complained about having too much action, there are some really good action scenes that I did love. This feels like a really well-done production, and I give it praise for that. Also, Jamie Foxx is a wonderful actor, and he did a great job portraying a desperate man, making the audience almost understand his methods. Dane DeHaan – you’re a freaking amazing actor, but I couldn’t see you as Harry Osborne, sorry…felt off to me. The friendship felt rushed and unnatural in my opinion. I don’t know.

There’s just a lot to consider for The Amazing Spider-Man, because there’s a lot to it. I could sit here and list off all the subplots because it just felt like there was too many. What I want to see, naturally, in any superhero flick is – the superhero, the supervillain, and the subplot of what’s going on in the superheroes secret identity life. You can find that in most superhero movies because it’s done right from the beginning. Beginning beginning, like…writer’s room beginning. I liked the movie, but I feel like something went wrong…somewhere…where a better story could have been told. That’s just me.

The Good:

If you like high-action thrill rides, this is definitely a movie for you. There is so much action you won’t even know what to do with yourself, nor will you have any time to use the bathroom. Action, action, action. Also, I can’t say it enough, Andrew Garfield has the best jokes, he fits a lot better in the role now than he did before, Jamie Foxx did a great job, Emma Stone was pretty good as well. You’re just going to have a lot of fun with the movie.

The Bad:

If you want to nit-pick like me, well I have a whole review for that, but the pointers are – way too much action, way too much CGI, way too much plot points, way too many characters, which in turn translated into rushed stories, less screen time for important characters, and an overall feeling that it could have been handled better overall. Good movie, could have been, well, amazing.

Memorable Quote:

Peter Parker: I was just, uh, cleaning the chimney.

Aunt May: We don’t have a chimney.

Peter Parker: …Whaaaaa?


11 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

    1. Ahh but I’ve said it again and again. I don’t avoid trailers *for the most part* because I review for the modern audience. The same majority of people that have seen all of those trailers without avoiding them when they go to the theaters. I skip them on tv, because more people have DVR’s and skip them naturally.


      1. But I think it still gives an unfair view of the movie. When the movie was written, they don’t write the story with trailers in mind, and trailers typically aren’t created by the director of the movie, but by the studio, who cares only about business, not art. If you’re reviewing art, trailers can distort the original intent of the story imo.


  1. Great review. I loved the film and thought the new lighter more comic book feel of the film made Spider-man finally feel like Spider-man.

    Very much looking forward to the next one, BRING ON SINISTER SIX! 😀


  2. I still loved it and had fun with it. But there was a lot going on. I cracked up at your tirade against the trailers. LOLs. Good thing I didn’t see all of it.


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