American Pie 2 (2001)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Still awkward; unrealistic.

This film was selected from ‘The 250’

Teen comedies, you got to love them. Or not. Whichever. Like I said in my review of American Pie, I don’t really have anything against them, but at the same time they’re not really my thing. Thing was, when I actually got around to watching the first film, I was surprised to find that the movie actually had some genuinely good parts to it, especially the characters and realistic-enough plot to be believable and nonsensical at the same time. There was definitely something special about the first film, regardless of the fact that dozens of copycat films have washed its effectiveness a little thin since. Anyways, the first film had such a simple and solid plot that it’s hard to even guess what a sequel would be about, so what exactly is American Pie 2?

American Pie 2 takes place the summer after everyone’s first year of college. They’re all back home and ready to have the best summer ever, which means collectively heading to a beach house and partying the whole time. Meanwhile, an old fling of Jim’s is coming back, and he wants to seem “experienced” this time, as to avoid repeating what happened last time. To help him, he enlists the help of flute geek, Michelle Flaherty, who has a slightly bigger role this time around.

Okay, so we have our plot, and the first thing we realize is that it has a pretty disposable plot. It wants to re-use the same themes of the first by having everyone still act immature and sex-craved, but it doesn’t exactly carry the same feel as the first because there’s no real plot to hold it together. Instead we have what almost feels like mini-stories that don’t really come together or have a flow to them. In a way, that’s nice to see everyone’s individual stories and accomplishments, but at the same time, it just doesn’t feel like a movie anymore.

I’ll tell you what it does have going for it. First of all, and I’m sure this is true for every addition in the real series, the cast. It’s good to see everyone come together once more, because they all have tremendous chemistry and they truly make this series what it is. I see that now. Our dork of dorks, Jimbo is still incredibly awkward, but unfortunately not as much in a believable light. They upped the ante on how nonsensical the film was, and while it had some really funny moments, it’s a little upsetting that they sort of threw away the great balance between realism and silliness.

Of course Alyson Hannigan played a bigger role this time around, her role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer had really taken off at this point, showing her potential. I was surprised to see how little she was actually in the first movie, but it’s starting to come together in the second one – and I can say that she is a really nice addition to the series, and plays off Jason Biggs incredibly well. Their strange “relationship” is what sets this movie, or series rather, apart from others like it. That’s how you know that this isn’t just another dumb teen comedy – it has the characters you actually want to see.

The Good:

It’s awesome to see these characters come together for a sequel. I’m not sure if anyone asked for a sequel, but the characters alone compels people to watch the film. There is some crazy good awkward humor in this film as well.

The Bad:

The plot was clearly a disposable one, and the individual “mini” stories don’t really come together all that well. It’s just – here are the characters – enjoy them as they carry on with their antics among a directionless plot. If that’s what you like – enjoy.

Memorable Quote:

Stifler: (in shock) …I got peed on


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