American Reunion (2012)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
It got old.

This film was selected from ‘The 250’

When we last left the gang, it was in 2003 with American Wedding. There were countless other spin-off flicks that I won’t even begin to count as canon, nor waste my time reviewing, so I skip straight to 2012 with American Reunion. It only made sense that this movie was made, since the last film wasn’t really much of a send-off, as half of the original cast was actually missing. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case for the real franchise finale. Yes, everyone came back, but in the end…that seems to be the only thing going for the last flick.

It’s not hard to guess what American Reunion was about…a reunion. Specifically speaking, the gang’s 13Year High School Reunion (because they missed the 10th). Anyways, everyone is living their own lives. Married, kids, jobs, you name it, but when the news comes of a high school reunion, they once again decide to team up and just…paint the town red one last time. Meanwhile, Jimbo and Michelle’s marriage has hit that dry spell and while back home they decide to reflame their sex life…which proves difficult when the little neighbor girl he babysat just hit her eighteenth birthday…

Alright, alright, alright, settle down, kiddos. I have to say that as far as ending a franchise goes, they did the right thing here. You can’t quite call an American Pie movie an American Pie movie without the entire cast. For some reason, they are like this giant jigsaw puzzle, and it doesn’t work unless everyone is there. So at least it had that going for it. For that reason alone, and because this is the last movie tying everything up nicely, this film is a firm rental. However, it had the same issue the second film had – a lack of a real plot.

You can’t just say – oh – the plot was the high school reunion. No, no, that’s a setting. A plot is what they are trying to do – in the first it was to get laid before high school was done. The third was to survive a wedding. The second and fourth basically did this: Here’s a setting – now go crazy. So, in essence, they both had a ton of short individual stories that don’t really meet anywhere. You got marital problems here, Stifler’s job issues there, Finch’s unfulfilled future, the father and son story with Jim and his dad, Oz and Heather…it kept going, and going, and going…It was kind of all over the place…scattered about, honestly.

That’s not all. It just wasn’t funny anymore. There was maybe one really funny scene, but it lacked the spirit the others had. That realism, that awkward humor that made the first and second so special…was completely missing this time around. Which is honestly pretty depressing. At the same time, the best parts of the movie were the real…dramatic moments. Like seeing Jim help his dad for once. Like seeing the real issues between husband and wife. Here’s one you might not catch as obvious – how far off the beaten path we end up after high school. We all had future plans for ourselves, whether or not we wrote those down – but how many of us really got what we wanted? I think this film actually does a pretty decent job at showing how we rarely get what we want, but somehow end up with something that ultimately suits us better.

So it’s hard. I think as far as the franchise goes, this is really not that great. I never laughed out loud with it, there was no real plot, the whole reason you watch the series has practically vaporized into nothing. What’s left are some familiar faces that we welcome and some truly important life lessons…so there’s that.

The Good:

I’ll make this quick. American Reunion had some promise for two solid reasons – the entire cast returned for a final farewell. They alone made this franchise special, and they alone are reason to watch the movie. There are also some really great life lessons in the film that may end up surprising you.

The Bad:

It has just gotten old at this point. So old, in fact, that none of the jokes are really that effective. The awkward humor that made the first couple of films wasn’t really there, and there was no real plot either. It’s cool to see them, but they could have written a better story.

Memorable Quote:

Kevin: You destroyed their Jet Skis

Steve Stifler: They splashed us, so…

4 thoughts on “American Reunion (2012)

  1. It was nice to see the whole gang back together once and for all. Wasn’t amazing or perfect, but made me laugh and remember the good old days of watching these peeps be young, wild and free. Good review Dave.


    1. Yeah, I think one of their main strengths relied on the fact that you hadn’t seen them in years. But I watched all of these practically back to back…so that element just didn’t hit me as strongly.


  2. Nice review Dave. Having liked the other major American Pie releases I was disappointed by this send off. It should have been great with the original cast all back in action but it was just lacking ideas and laughs. As you mentioned in your review of the original, the world has moved on since the heyday of the franchise and it really showed here.


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