Prometheus (2012) | Spoiler Review


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Crazy amazing prequel.

I reviewed Prometheus two years ago when it first came out when I still reviewed for (hence the title of my website). However, I watched it before I ever watched Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise – so at the time, I didn’t have the ability to catch all of the iconic shout-outs throughout the film. Obviously, that’s the main reveal, which is why my review is considered spoiler-heavy. Most people already know the twist, but just in case some people have magically stayed away from movie news surrounding Prometheus, I have to warn them that I’m pretty much spoiling the whole idea. You can read my old review here. Anyways, after watching the entire Alien franchise, I move right along to the prequel of the series, and it is one heck of a film.

Alright, so on earth, there are all of these ancient cave markings that lead a couple of scientists to believe not in the concept of creation, nor evolution, but in the concept of “engineers”, that is – huge aliens that “engineered” the human being. These cave markings lead them on a space expedition to an earth-like planet, which would ultimately help them further their research, or so they hope. On the planet, they find a strange cave-like structure that houses a ton of secrets and apparently living organisms that have deadly repercussions if interacted with. Well, wouldn’t you know it…stupid scientists doing stupid things, leading them into panic mode because they set off a chain reaction of stupid. No, no, the movie isn’t stupid, it’s magnificent, it’s just a huge case of curiosity killed the cat.

So I want to talk briefly about how this film is connected to Alien, since it is a spoiler review. Basically, the “cave” mentioned above is actually the same type of alien spaceship that the people run into in the first and second Alien movie. This thing is so incredibly iconic that the moment you see it in this film, you’ll connect the dots if you have seen the original franchise. If you go in without watching Alien, you’ll only be surprised by the very last shot of the film – the very first alien. Keep in mind that this isn’t the alien planet of the original franchise. In Alien, they run into a random spaceship that looks like it crash landed some time ago – that could be the same ship Shaw and David fly away in at the end of Prometheus. The other connections would be – a similar cyber-sleep outfit, an android, the giant mysterious ship pilot in the Alien franchise, and the one black crew member that always seems to be in the movies.

Now that I got that out of my system, let’s talk about the movie in general, because for the most part, it’s its own thing. The giant aliens of this planet are a completely new concept and separates this into what feels like a very fresh film, equally as threatening. I also firmly believe that a sequel wouldn’t be another Alienmovie, but instead another Prometheus movie, where the main aliens are actually the giants. The tease with the alien at the end of this movie was just to make the fans happy. If you recall, they leave the planet at the end. The only living organism on that planet is the alien that we’ll probably never see again. No, this all-together new franchise is about the origins of humans, and why these giant aliens went from wanting to create them to wanting to kill them.

So many people compare this to Alien, and that’s fair. It’s in the same universe, but it is more or less about these engineers than anything else. When you compare it to the other series, it won’t feel as good because it’s sort of a different movie all together. It’s got similar tones and similar characters, but the plot itself is original and I’m very interested in seeing the direction of the series.

The Good:

Sorry, I’m getting so wrapped up in the review that it may seem a bit jumbled. In short, it’s a beautifully-shot and edited suspenseful sci-fi action thriller that provides just the right amount of shout-outs to the Alien franchise while focusing on a completely original and captivating plot of its own. Ultimately, whenever this franchise ends on its own terms, I feel like the entire series will feel complete.

The Bad:

Guy Pierce, come on man. Your make up looks no better than Biff’s in Back to the Future – Part II. Other than that, nothing.

Memorable Quote:

David: Big things have small beginnings


5 thoughts on “Prometheus (2012) | Spoiler Review

  1. Eh. For some reason, this movie just did not connect with me. Even though it looked nice and could be pretty damn tense, there was still a feeling that the script was poorly-written and the amazing cast was practically wasted. That’s just me though. I’m a dick. Good review Dave.


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