Batman Forever (1995)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Actually very memorable.

Not too long ago, I had this goal that I set for myself. It was in the end of 2012/beginning of 2013, and I was going to watch every Jim Carrey movie that ever existed. I actually got through all of them, and obviously Batman Forever was on that list, so this is actually my second time reviewing it. I would have just copy-pasted my previous review, but I actually liked it better this time around. Maybe it’s because of my Batman marathoning has put me more in the mood for it, or maybe not, but Batman Forever is quite the interesting flick. There is plenty of reason to actually hate the thing, but there’s also a substantial amount of reasons not to. I’ll try to explain.

Every Batman flick seems to have the same basic structure, other than the first one in 1989. That is, your two baddies, whether they both be equally important or one is more of a side character. Well the main bad guys here are Harvey “Two-Face” Dent and Edward “Riddler” Nygma.  There’s no real origin story for Two-Face in this film, you just basically know that he kind of controls the crime in the city currently. The Riddler, however, is a previous employee of Bruce Wayne – and is completely bonkers. He has created a 3D TV box that hacks into peoples brains, which he then uses to steal their intelligence for his own. The Riddler works with Two-Face to track down Batman and kill him, since he’s always getting in the way. This time, though, Batman isn’t alone…he has a new partner by the name of Robin.

I need to start off with the obvious and say the plot to this film is kind of everywhere. You got the story of Robin’s revenge, of Bruce’s romantic life, of Bruce’s over-protective stance, of the Riddler’s plan, of Two-Face’s basic plan…it just doesn’t feel as stitched together as the others have in the past – but somehow it’s not horrendous. Batman Forever is weirdly really memorable. It may be because I’ve seen it so many times, or maybe because my brothers and I created our own version of the movie when we were kids, but I could remember almost every single line and scene in the movie. I gotta say that’s at least impressive. That’s something I can’t even say about the Michael Keaton movies.

So it’s super memorable, it has so many arguably great one-liners, but that’s all because the tone of the movie is so, so wrong for Batman. It’s somewhere in-between Adam West’s Batman and Michael Keaton’s. Where the seriousness is there, but then they were cracking jokes left and right. They were pretty good jokes most of the time, but I don’t think it should be a comedy. I mean, they even literally had a few cartoon sound effects thrown in. It was basically a live-action cartoon.

It’s such a bitersweet feeling watching this movie, because it’s so bad that it’s actually pretty good. It’s a really fun movie for some reason I can’t explain…even after the melodramatic scenes. That’s another thing, this is one of the most character-oriented Batman movies there is. There is a lot of talking and interaction between just…regular people. Oh, and before I forget to mention – yes Robin was in this, and I know a lot of people don’t even like his character, but the way they actually portrayed him…I didn’t mind. He was a bit dainty as he did his gymnastic twirls and whatnot, but a lot of what he did was just fun to look at.

The Good:

It’s not as bad as some people put it out to be, it can actually be a lot of fun – if you aren’t nitpicking the entire time. It’s an incredibly memorable movie – scene after scene you will remember for years to come.

The Bad:

The tone was off, Gotham was sometimes Gotham, sometimes clearly New York (like the obvious shot of the Statue of Liberty), Batnipples, Val Kilmer, Cartoon sound effects, basically a live-action cartoon show. It doesn’t feel anything like what you’d exect out of a Batman movie – and that bothers a lot of people – and rightfully so.

Memorable Quote:

Alfred: Can I pursuade you to take a sandwich with you, sir?

Batman: I’ll get drive-thru


Robin: Holy Rusted Metal, Batman!


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