Role Models (2008)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Isn’t that Stifler?

This film was selected from ‘The 250’

What do you get when you take Superbad, American Pie, Larping, and Starbucks and mash them together? Why, I’m glad you aksed. You in fact get Role Models. This is my second time watching this film, but my decision to watch and review it was based on the job I just got. I work at a licensed, but not chain version of Starbucks, and there is a very funny Starbucks-related scene in the movie. It’s making fun of Starbucks lingo – and even though it has nothing to do with the movie itself, it’s just hilarious. Anyways…

Role Models is basically about these two chumps that go around selling horrible energy drinks to elementary and middle school kids through the façade of telling them to stay away from drugs. When one of these guys gets dumped, he inadvertently breaks the law, sending them both to jail unless they accept a community service gig. Specifically speaking, being the role models for kids who have the misfortune of not having reasonable figures of guidance in their lives. So that’s who these felons are going to be for the next month, and the kids they get are nightmares…

I find it difficult to talk seriously about comedy movies. There’s a legitimate reason you don’t typically see them during awards season. Comedies are typically your source for laughs and jokes, but not much else. Not acting, not morals, not writing, plot…nothing. People watch these movies for a quick laugh and never expect anything more. I’ll admit that Role Models is a bit guilty of being a comedy made out just for laughs and little else. However, I know for a fact that I have seen some absolutely wretched comedies out there, and Role Models actually has some decent laughs as well as a likeable plot.

I feel as if most of the characters are pretty much taken out of their own previous films though. Paul Rudd is easy, because he usually plays the same basic character in everything – and that’s a sarcastic guy with a bit of heart. Then we have Seann William Scott, playing Wheeler…but let’s be honest – that was Stifler from the American Pie franchise plain and simple. Then the kids, Christopher Mintz-Plasse always plays the nerd with the funny voice and Bobb’e J. Thompson is always the most vulgar child actor around. They’re like…all typecast, which kind of sucks because it feels less and less original when they do things like that.

The humor, however, still feels pretty fresh most of the time. There is some honestly very funny moments in this movie that I couldn’t contain myself from laughing. On the other hand, I felt a lot of the comedy was also stiff and ineffective. It differed, but for the most part it worked a lot more than your typical comedy that comes out nowadays. The problem, I think is the plot – as likeable as it was with the whole idea of being a good role model, and what that means as a whole – there’s just this overwhelming feeling that…this movie is forgettable. I can attest to that too. I’ve seen this before, and the only thing I really remembered about it was Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott starred. So at least for me, it was forgettable.

The Good:

Role Models definitely has its positives and negatives, but it’s almost obvious as to what’s good about it – the humor. It’s really fresh, really sarcastic, and just really funny most of the time. It may have some dry spells here and there, but it’s funnier than most comedies these days in a lot of ways.

The Bad:

You may laugh your head off in theater or at home with a rental, but after you watch it, that’s it. There’s nothing really special about it, transforming it into a pretty forgettable movie in the end.

Memorable Quote:

Barista: Venti is large.

Danny: No, venti is twenty. Large is large. In fact, tall is large and grande is Spanish for large. Venti is the only one that doesn’t mean large. It’s also the only one that’s Italian. Congratulations, you’re stupid in three languages.



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