Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
I was bored.

This film was selected from ‘The 250’

Someone once told me that they thought their favorite film in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise was the second one. It must have been too long ago to remember for them, because the second one isn’t all that great. It has a strong beginning and alludes to an actual criminal case, but the rest was just a whole heck of a lot of…meh. But, before we make it sound like the worst thing in the world, let’s first talk about what the movie was about.

Axel Foley is back once again. You may be wondering if he is permanently living in Beverly Hills now – after the events of the first movie, but no, he’s still a Detroit cop – focusing on humorous undercover missions. Meanwhile, a mysterious team of thugs are going around killing people in law enforcement with rare bullets before leaving behind cryptograms for the police to baffle themselves with. When the chief of the Beverly Hills Police is hospitalized by this crew, Axel takes it upon himself to go back to Beverly Hills and find out who these people are and stop them from continuing on with their madness.

First of all, I think it’s important to state how much the plot of this movie resembles the first. Maybe that’s on purpose, maybe that’s not. Someone close to Axel is gunned down, so he has to go to Beverly Hills to figure out what happened, and he immediately runs into the bad guys by mistake – antics ensue. When you get to the heart of it all, that’s what the movie is about and it is exactly like the first – only not as funny. In fact, there’s little I actually found funny about the movie. I would have dozed off, but instead I kept getting distracted. I get it, in a trilogy of films, the second one is usually the worst, but come on. The best part of the movie was the beginning.

When we are introduced to the mysterious gang of alphabet killers, it had a level of mystery that was pretty captivating if you ask me. The case itself resembles not the Alphabet Killer, but the Zodiac – as the police are given cryptogram clues that they have issues deciphering. That alone – was really, really cool. However, a lot of the focus wasn’t actually on that and it just gets washed away with everything else. That was their main issue. They wanted to mirror the effects of the first by cloning a lot of the plot points, and once was good enough. This time…it just wasn’t effective. I don’t know if that has to do with repetition or just bad writing.

Speaking of repetition, I want to mention the soundtrack. The first one had that synthisezer playing the same song over and over again, as if the movie only had one song. This one used the same exact song, but it seemed to be among a variety of other songs. So it was still used repeatedly, it just felt a little more naturally – and that’s what I ultimately wanted for the first movie. So in essence, the things I praised about in the first movie vs the things I complained about – are reversed in the sequel. I liked the soundtrack and didn’t really care for the story of the movie.

The Good:

They definitely fixed the issues I had with the first movie in regards to repetition in the soundtrack and Eddie Murphy’s laugh. The movie also had a very interesting opening as well as concept for the villains.

The Bad:

Whatever was promising for the movie is washed away by a clumsy, confusing plot that apparently tries way too hard to be like the first – ultimately scarring it and rendering it forgettable.

The Random:

Chris Rock makes an appearance as the valet at the Playboy Mansion who complains about Axel bringing in a cement truck. This is his first role on the big screen


9 thoughts on “Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)

  1. A lot of people don’t much care for this one but I like it a lot. It’s not as good as the first ( but miles better than the third) and you make some valid criticisms. It just still makes me laugh plenty.


    1. It’s alright, this the first time I’m watching any of them, and the reason I haven’t up to this point is because I knew it was never really my thing. That being said, it has surprised me quite a bit


      1. I miss Eddie Murphy and his dirty humour from the 80s and 90s, if you haven’t seen BHC3 yet brace yourself because it is brutal.


      2. So I’ve heard – I’m holding onto the hope that I’ll disagree – as I have with other hated movies. *crosses fingers*


      3. It’s a early 90s movie, he completely cleaned up his act by then. It’s filmed in a theme park so it’s not raunchy as the previous ones even though it does have a handful of laugh out loud Alex Foley moments.


    1. everything is different for everybody. It’s actually set at 65% or higher is a rent, 85% or higher is a buy. I mostly have it at that because I naturally rate movies really high – because I love them. Most of my reviews are actually either rent or buy. Meanwhile, I feel there are still a lot of movies I wouldn’t really care about in the long run. So somewhere in the 40-64% area is the Skip option, and the rest is usually Burn.


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