22 Jump Street (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Still pretty funny.

I’ll be honest, there’s not a ton of sequels to comedies. I think if a comedy single-handedly is able to obtain enough popularity and recognition to actually make a sequel happen, we need to at least do our duty and watch it…because whether you realize it or not, that’s a rarity. I truly believe 21 Jump Street was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, and quite possibly the funniest film of 2012. And as much as I was ready and gearing to see a sequel, I really had no idea how they would do it. I didn’t doubt it would be funny, and it is, I just didn’t know how they could possibly add on to the first film, or raise the bar, or in all fairness…if it was really necessary. Well, none of my doubts would ever stop me from actually watching the thing, so what is the plot, you ask?

To put it lightly, the plot of 22 Jump Street is more or less the same thing as the first. They even make fun of themselves for this fact several times throughout the film. Instead of high school, it’s college, and instead of the drug “H.F.S.”, you have “WHY-PHY”. If you had to guess that everything else follows suit really closely to how things worked in the first movie, you’d pretty much be on par with what happens.

In essence, no, this movie wasn’t incredibly necessary. In my opinion, they didn’t quite change as many things as they needed to in order for it to be better. They knew that their hidden comedic weapon in the first movie was the self-aware humor, and they did the same thing here. In fact, one of the funniest scenes in the entire flick was with Ice Cube in the beginning of the movie where they’re all just making fun of themselves. It had me cracking up nonstop. There’s this line that Tanning makes, making fun of his own role in White House Down.

As much self-aware humor as it had, it just wasn’t enough to distract the audience that this movie really is the same thing, and as such – it’s not as powerful. The first had better comedy because it was adults going to high school. We’re talking that manchild humor that really works for these two. Now they’re going to college, so they had to substitute the same humor by saying Jonah Hill looks 50, that he should have war stories and……I’m sorry, but as many old man jokes as you have, it doesn’t change the fact that Jonah Hill actually has a baby face. He does not look old.

I will say this. I was expecting worse, because there’s only so much you can do with a story that’s practically the same thing. The movie was definitely better than I expected, because some of those jokes work really, really well. Maybe not as good as the first, but it clearly still had a talented writing staff that understands what does and does not make an audience laugh – and that’s more than I can say for so many other comedies out there. I’m not as willing to say this is the funniest movie of the year, though.

The Good:

At the heart, the magic that made 21 Jump Street a successful film was utilized once more in the sequel. The same basic type of humor, chemistry, and heart can be found in this film, making it a substantially good comedy that you should invest in.

The Bad:

In the end, it just isn’t as good. It’s hard to ignore the similarities when it blatantly tried to be the same exact movie. In some cases, that really works for this movie, in others…it’s like – yeah, I get it. It’s the same movie, har har. When you’re forced to compare the two, let’s be honest…which one do you think will come out on top?

The Quote:

Jenko: I don’t get why we couldn’t just go to Washington D.C. and protect the White House

7 thoughts on “22 Jump Street (2014)

  1. I’ll lower my expectations for this – comedy sequels are seldom as good as the first. The only one I can think of off the top of my head would be Clerks!


  2. Great review Dave. I’m wrestling back and forth on whether or not I liked this more than the first. Going back to my review of 21, it sounded like I didn’t really care for the first, which is stupid b/c these are essentially the same movie. I think this one had some better jokes. It was also more heartfelt. The relationship between Jenko and Schmidt was quite good.


    1. For me it was no question – the first was better. It was essentially the same thing, but the idea of them in High School made a lot more sense with the comedy they were going for, plus them tripping on the drugs in the first movie is one of the funniest things….I have ever seen.


      1. Ohh! I did forget about that scene. See it’s things like that that cloud my judgment right now. Both were solid comedies. A notch above most, for sure.


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