Need for Speed (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
It’s finally over.

It’s not really a nationally held secret that I’m not the biggest fan of car movies. I more or less avoided all of the Fast and Furious films for as long as I possibly could because none of them really interested me, and that holds true even after I saw them. I liked some of them because I could respect the character writing and even some of the acting. Cars though, I couldn’t care less. They are cars, what can I say? Then news came out that Need for Speed was coming out. You know, the one based off of that video game series that I also didn’t play? How exciting. Anyways, I’ll tell you the real reason I watched this movie: Aaron Paul…and even he disappointed me.

What’s the movie about? Cars. Sure, it has a little bit of a deeper storyline, but in the end it’s about cars, but I’ll try to appease my readers by explaining the “real” plot. Basically it’s all about revenge – Aaron Paul’s character experiences a personal loss and decides to set out for revenge by heading to California for a big fat car race thingy mah-jig. On his way there, his arch nemesis…or something…tries to get other people to stop him because he’s a threat. I don’t know. Just picture a cross-country road trip with cars flipping about.

This is going to be really difficult to review because how do you review a film with basically no substance? The reason why the Fast and Furious films are successful isn’t because of the action and cars…even though that’s part of it. They are successful because it is carried by good actors playing likeable characters. They also take the audience outside of the world of cars and invite them into their lives. All Need for Speed did was take you along for the ride. These people almost never leave the car because it’s a high-octane road trip film. They have to get across the country in two days. I get it, but that doesn’t make the movie any better.

The only real thing that could maybe save the movie is the characters…and of course they botched that up as well. Aaron Paul, of course, is a wonderful actor…but apparently only if he is typecasted. You know him from his slacker role in Breaking Bad (Jesse), but they had a different character in mind for this movie. Imagine a rough and tough attitude coming out of him…or at least him trying to pull that off. It looked so over-the-top and so unnatural that every other character that he interacts with…has absolutely no believable chemistry together.

And hey, did anyone catch the length of the movie? Is that you directing, Peter Jackson, because I don’t see any other reason a movie about cars should be nearly 2.5 hours in length. I think more people would be interested in the movie if it wasn’t so unearthly long. I tried my best at not falling asleep or getting distracted by practically anything else…but it was proving difficult.

The Good:

Need for Speed excels is in its action sequences and visuals. Car nerds will love this film for showing off some really wicked cool-looking and fast cars, and action geeks will also love the heart-racing sequences.

The Bad:

…and movie buffs will probably hate this movie because it’s all about cars and practically nothing else. The absurdity of acting and lack of character and story development makes this film nothing more than a lump of garbage.

The Random:

I’m pretty sure Aaron Paul was high on blue meth when he accepted this role.


6 thoughts on “Need for Speed (2014)

  1. I don’t know how to put this without losing my movie buff status but i kind of liked Need for Speed! I was expecting to hate it but it was a silly film that knew what it wanted to do. Rubbish, but enjoyable rubbish


    1. I will say that it went a different route than I thought it would, and that route was a positive one. Which is why my rating isn’t lower and marked with “Burn it”


  2. Good review Dave. Yeah, this movie was shit. By the half-hour mark, I had about already had it with all the damn racing. Then I realized something: I had another hour-and-a-half to go!


  3. Great review Dave. I agree, there isn’t much here at all that isn’t freaking generic. Aaron Paul was pretty terrible as well. But nothing irritated me more than Michael Keaton, unfortunately. Small of a role as he got, he was awfullllllll


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