Cuban Fury (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Not incredibly funny.

Here you go America, just what you asked for, a Nick Frost solo film. We all thought, well…Simon Pegg can do it, surely enough Nick could follow suit, right? I don’t know, that may be so, but he has to pick the right movie…at least I would think. Cuban Fury had a good idea in there somewhere, but when it came right down to it, I could see a lot of people watching it thinking, hey it stars Simon Pegg’s buddy…but where’s Pegg? What’s more, I honestly think the movie would be better had Pegg been co-starring…because without the onion, sour cream is just sour.

Our story today revolves around our pal Bruce (Nick Frost). As a wee lad, Bruce was a popular and talented salsa dancer…but bullies helped dissuade him of his passions. Twenty-five years later, the world of salsa comes swingin’ back round as his new, attractive boss at his job is learning to salsa dance herself. He thought it’d be simple to win her heart, but alas, his over-confident co-worker is sweeping in to steal Bruce’s thunder. To save the day, Bruce must venture back into his heart and recover whatever he lost years before.

I don’t know if it was really the movie or the fact that I don’t care to watch salsa dancing films, but I wasn’t really getting into the movie. I mean, I get it. It’s funny to watch a big guy try to do a complicated dance and coming off as really awkward. It makes sense, and I’m sure it’ll strike the right chord for some of you. However, when it comes to movies about fat guys dancing for a girl, I turn my focus to Hitch. There’s a lot of reasons for that, but for the most part it’s because the movie was not really about dancing. That was only an aspect of the film. I can’t really stand movies that are almost 100% about dancing. I will admit that I laughed once in the movie, and that’s when a certain someone made a really random and unexpected cameo.

The characters were also very weird. Weird in a way that I actually liked them, but don’t think they work very well together. There wasn’t a lot of chemistry that felt right. At the same time, the chemistry didn’t feel absolutely horrid, it just felt very… bland and honestly forgettable. The same goes for the romantic chemistry between Nick Frost’s character and Rashida Jones’s character. Both very good and hilarious actors, and they feel so…uneven together. At the bare minimum, they at least needed good chemistry there, but it was a no go.

But hey, as expected, the dancing was pretty good. Better than what you’d expect out of Nick Frost, even if properly trained. If anything, you can just watch the movie for the dancing. Salsa is a very groovy dance…but at the same time you can just tune into So You Think You Can Dance for that.

I really wish I could sit here and list off the reasons to watch this movie, but I come up blank. However, the same applies vice versa. I can’t really list off strong reasons to avoid the movie, because for the most part…they’re just my personal opinions. The movie feels like it would definitely work for some people, and I’m glad. It means maybe I missed out, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Let me know what you think.

The Good:

That Nick Frost has some moves! Cuban Fury is a movie that will most likely work for a lot of people that love British comedy or…Nick Frost.

The Bad:

If you’re anything like me, you won’t hate the film, you will just have a lot of trouble getting into it. The concept alone isn’t extravagantly unique, so they try to pull more focus on physical humor by Frost…which might not be enough to make you happy.


3 thoughts on “Cuban Fury (2014)

  1. I think I will prob give this a shot eventually, I like Nick Frost too much. But I’m prepared completely for this to be a slight let-down. Nice review Dave


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