Sabotage (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Incredibly; Unexplainably; Boring.

I consider myself to be a bigger Arnie fan than most. There really is a lot of his films that people can’t stand, which I am usually confused about. Sabotage didn’t look like an award-winning masterpiece, but I thought it looked interesting enough with a decent cast to at least check out, and check it out I did. Now, as big of a fan of the Governator as I am, I couldn’t help but find flaws in this film…mainly how it felt like it dragged on. Forever. To give you an idea of where things went wrong, let’s first talk about the plot.

Now, this is the easy part. The plot of the film is incredibly easy to talk about – basically it’s about this DEA Special Forces team that stole $10 million from a drug cartel, and throughout the movie, his team is getting picked off one by one because of this theft. So Agent John Wharton (Schwarzenegger) must work with Agent Caroline (Olivia Williams) to track down this killer and stop him from eliminating everyone.

The plots easy because it’s your basic And then there were none story…which is fine. However, that’s not really how the film was advertised. You got Arnold Schwarzenegger with big guns in hands blowing things up in other countries – that’s the basic look of the film…and yet…that’s mostly all that happens in the first fifteen minutes. The rest is this…detective, whodunit mystery that feels way too repetitious and honestly boring for its own good. I wouldn’t say they did anything specifically wrong by any means, but I was yawning and getting distracted for most of the movie…which is a horrible, horrible sign…because the movie itself was shortened to have more action sequences in it versus the original more mystery-centric story…we may have dodged a bullet on that one.

Also, these people on his team were cool when it first started, but after the introduction, they were all more or less your basic fraternity dudes that lost all of the things that originally made them interesting and diverse. They were all basically the same person in the film, which made me care less and less that they were being killed off…which is another bad sign. It was really cool to see all of these actors taking part in the film, though. I mean, they had both Terminators side by side, two actors from ABC’s hit show, LOST, and obviously Joe Mangniello…the cast was brilliant, but the character writing was weak and unworthy.

Like I said, they shortened the film to introduce a more high-octane action film, which resulted in an unfortunate boring, loose plot. Think about it…the original design probably had a good balance between action and mystery, but the way we were given the film…it just bounces back and forth and just…feels disproportionate. Either pick one or the other because I’m getting tired of this crap.

The Good:

Sabotage is just one of the many films to incorporate the And Then There Were None… film styles, which if done right can be a very interesting mystery. Also, if you aren’t nit-picking too much, just seeing the Governator in his natural habitat is enough to satisfy.

The Bad:

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, but the movie just feels incredibly dragged out, repetitious, and boring. You could literally take a leave of absence for probably 45 minutes and return to the same basic things happening. You may have missed out on a few things here and there, but you get the gist early on, and like a broken record, the same thing just keeps happening…and the way they go about the murders isn’t as attention-grasping as it probably thinks it is.

One thought on “Sabotage (2014)

  1. I really disliked this movie. Everything about it just felt stupid, dirty and downright grotesque for no reason. Except to shock, I guess. Good review Dave.


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