Blended (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Weak, but sweet.

Adam Sandler’s career may be going downhill, but every now and then, he still picks a winning movie. I won’t outright say Blended is a “winning” movie by any means, but it reunites him with Drew Barrymore, who has been referred to as his best on-screen chemistry partner on more than one occasion, so of course I wanted to watch this film. To be honest, I don’t think there is anything wrong with their chemistry this time around. It’s just as great, unfortunately it appears the chemistry isn’t as strong without a strong plot – which it seems this one lacks significantly…but it is sweet.

Blended tells the story of two single parents – Jim and Lauren. Jim’s wife died of cancer sometime before the movie began, and well, Lauren’s husband’s just a giant douche. After they are set up on a blind date gone bad, they ultimately hate each other, but events occur that forces them to spend a vacation together in Africa with their kids. Jim has three daughters while Lauren has two sons. Turns out Jim acts as a pretty good father figure for her boys, and Lauren acts as a good motherly influence for the girls. Turns out chemistry for just the two of them wasn’t enough, maybe chemistry needs the whole family to create a masterpiece.

Like I said, the movie is sweet because out of the three movies these two have acted in together, it was always a man and a woman falling in love…no real families or children. So as far as their interactions with the kids, it’s quite sentimental, especially in all of the scenes where they try to tug on your heart strings about the cancer…but in the end, it almost seems like they were desperate for serious scenes, so whenever they needed one – they’d throw in one of those sad cancer stories. That’s fine, but I felt like it needed a little more heart than that in order to really work…it ultimately fails in that regard.

So the serious parts of the film are a little flawed, but what about the rest? It is a comedy after all, so was it funny? Yes, parts of the movie might make you laugh and giggle a bit, but you’ll tell pretty quickly that most of the humor is cheap physical jabs, as well as random over-the-top Sandler humor that I don’t think “blends” in as well as they’d hope it does. I mean, Terry Crews is in the film as well, and as much of a hilarious guy that I think he is, he was the most annoying part of the entire movie, way too overdone. Again, whenever I felt like the movie wasn’t funny enough, you’d get a dose of Terry Crews flexing his pecks and singing an unrealistic ditty. At this point, I’m guessing they don’t have a lot of solid material to work off of.

Now, like I said, the strength of the film relies heavily on the chemistry between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, and they have that down pretty well, but most of the movie differed from the others again…because they were more focused on the kids than each other – which I honestly think is missed potential. They have amazing romantic chemistry, and you barely really get any of that, but to be fair…when you do, it’s pretty great as always. As for the rest of the chemistry, I want to be fair. Their scenes with the kids was heartwarming and it is nice to see that side of the actors.

The Good:

Blended may not be as great of a movie as The Wedding Singer or 50 First Dates, but seeing Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore together is always sweet enough to keep us watching – plus, the added dynamic with their kids was quite sentimental.

The Bad:

Ultimately, it’s a flawed plot that I don’t think anyone will really care about. The characters are fine enough, but it was way too desperate in trying to fulfill serious and funny scenes…which is what most of the movie is – so in order to try to fulfill those scenes – they just use repetition…and it just doesn’t work.

The Random:

Five-Second Tom (50 First Dates) makes a cameo in this movie – that was pretty awesome.


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