Transformers (2007)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Probably the best.

Now, I was never one for the cartoon or the Transformers toys…not really…but the whole idea really was fun for a kid – from what experience I do have of them. I don’t understand why anyone would watch a show when you could have real-life toys that actually transform. The whole idea behind the transforming was so cool, in fact, that my brother and I used to make our own transformers out of paper…it’s hard to explain…but for what it was, it worked. When I heard they were making a Transformers movie, I can’t remember how I felt, but I had serious doubts. At that point, Hasbro hadn’t made too many movies, and I thought they were seriously reaching in terms of finding new movies to make…but I can’t forget my reaction after seeing it – it was so cool.

Now, the story is really about Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf). Sam is the descendent of a man that came across the first transformer, buried in ice. Turns out years ago, a giant cube called the “AllSpark” landed on the planet years ago, and both good and bad robots alike are trying to get to it. They are transformers, alien robots that disguise themselves in modern cars. The good ones are trying to get to it to destroy it, while the baddies are trying to obtain it to build an army of more robots on earth. For the AllSpark has the ability to make any inanimate and mechanical device into a transformer. And Sam Witwicky has had the location of the AllSpark on him this whole time.

In all honesty, there’s a lot to the plot. It’s a little crowded, but not too much. You can still understand what’s going on, it just seems like it could have benefited off of a much simpler story, but I digress. This is the role that I believe Shia LaBeouf was born for, before he went and lost his fruity loops mind. It was up to this point that I loved him, and the whole world was claiming that he would be the new Tom Cruise…and I believed it. It was such an awesome transformation on his part – starting out as the nerd on Even Stevens to the coolest kid in theaters. It was pretty impressive, and I couldn’t wait to see him in his next movie. That’s what this franchise gave him, and he went and destroyed his entire career. Just saying. Weirdo.

Anyways, I used to absolutely love this movie, and in some regards, I still do. It’s a heck of a fun film that people of all ages will most likely adore for different reasons. At the same time, I don’t think the series really needed any sequels, knowing in retrospect where it went. I also don’t think anyone was asking for a fourth…but hey. We’ll get to that later, but as it is, this is probably the best movie in the series. It had the best characters,character development, which goes into story, interactions, and holy cow – the comedy and music was really good in this installment. There’s a lot of solid reasons to watch it, but primarily – it’s just a lot of fun.

It mostly failed in trying too hard in terms of looks. You’ll probably see me saying this about every movie, but it really is a huge flipping car commercial – especially for the darn Camaro. Besides that, the entire look of the movie makes you think these guys were tanning in preparation of the film – just to look orange and sweaty. It’s not a horrible look, but it does seem like it’s a little over the top sometimes. The only other complaint I have is Megan Fox. You girls are kind of right…she does suck at acting. The one upside I have to say about that is that – she fits right into the film. Her character of Mikaela weirdly fits perfectly into the franchise, regardless of how bad she actually is at acting. It simply doesn’t matter.

The Good:

Transformers is where it’s at…it really is. When you look at the whole series, this is probably the best movie in every angle. It’s action-packed, it has a good story with a solid background, it has memorable, attractive characters. It has some really funny moments timed perfectly. It also has an amazing soundtrack.

The Bad:

It focuses really hard on trying to look nice, and it does most of the time, but it’s blatant commercializing of the Camaro was a little obnoxious. There’s also not a ton of heart and soul in this one, not that there needs to be.


2 thoughts on “Transformers (2007)

  1. Yeah, I don’t care what others say: I have a great time with this movie. So much more so than that oozing piece of junk they call Revenge of the Fallen, or whatever. Good review Dave.


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