Think Like a Man Too (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Bland and Bleak.

Everyone, what’s wrong with making a sequel to a movie that’s based off of a self-help book? Just think about that for a second – there’s a lot of process that is put into fictionalizing a self-help book and turning it into a movie – clearly there will be some specific themes going on, don’t you think? Think Like a Man was weirdly really good because of the characters and their chemistry with each other, but also because of the unique spin that the film ultimately took. In order to gain any kind of success for Think Like a Man Too, they had to imitate what went right the first time – and…no. They didn’t even come close, I’m sorry.

In this sequel, our couples are now in Las Vegas to support Michael and Candice, as they are preparing for their wedding. Throughout their trip, the boys stick together in preparation for the bachelorette party and vice versa with the ladies. But, as with any comedy with a setting in Las Vegas, there is clearly some hijinks to be had! Especially when Michaels clingy mother is behind the ropes, trying to manipulate everything.

Hey, remember when Steve Harvey wrote Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man? It really did gain some recognition, hence the movie. Well, the thing about self-help books is…it’s rare for them to get a sequel, or follow-up book. The same should apply to a movie. Now, the way this movie could have worked is if it was an all-new cast of women and it was called Think Like a Woman…or something. My point is, they needed to keep the self-help theme – and they needed to keep the chapter titles, and Steve Harvey’s interludes, and all that self-aware comedy…because those were the best attributes. It just kept…the characters.

The characters were phenomenal in the first movie because they were so diverse, and they were all so memorable because they had this tremendous chemistry with each other. Though, it’s clear to me that it needed the themes, titles, and interludes in order for the characters to still be good at all. I’ll be honest, as much as I felt like they jumped back into their characters, I also felt like they over-acted, and the importance of their roles was left in the first movie. Now they do blend together and aren’t so diverse. The same goes for the ladies. All in all, this was your basic ensemble cast comedy that is devoid of any uniqueness or color. It was bland and bleak, and I didn’t want any of it.

You remember the self-aware stuff from the first film? The very fact that it was a movie based on a book, and the book itself was practically a character in the movie? That was somehow brilliant and it really worked and made sense. Well, to the best of my knowledge, they tried to imitate that in this movie by making Las Vegas the character. In the first movie, it was “Steve Harvey says this. Steve Harvey says that. According to Steve Harvey…” yatta yatta. In this, it was “Las Vegas this, Las Vegas that”, and you know what? That doesn’t equal out. Not even close. Nice try though, but you lose.

The Good:

Not a lot. If I had to choose, the best part of this movie had to be the characters – because they still have a lot of great chemistry with each other.

The Bad:

Think Like a Man Too is bleak, bland, and has lost its place. It tries to focus on the characters alone, but the first movie was successful because of the structure of the thing – and the structure of the second movie is nothing noteworthy and a huge waste of time.


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