Tremors (1990)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Monsters vs. Hicks.

Recently, I was scrolling through comments of what some people consider great films – one of these topics specifically was on Kevin Bacon movies. I was shocked at how many people actually mentioned Tremors, a movie I never cared to ever watch, but all of these people coming together to talk about how much they loved this flick had me thinking. Either it was a massive conspiracy to have people watch a horrible movie, or it really was good – and the critic reviews on both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes have me thinking it genuinely has some promise. And then I watched the thing. On one hand, I sort of understand the love, but at the same time, the movie isn’t entertaining at all…at least not to me.

In a really small town called Perfection – in the middle of the country, a bunch of hicks discover a monstrous creature that lives underground. Several creatures, in fact. They react to vibration, or tremors in the ground, because they are in fact blind monsters – and when they follow these vibrations, they come up from the ground and snatch people and objects – swallowing them whole. Kevin Bacon and his group of commodores have to escape these things – and to do that, they must be really quiet, and stay off the ground.

Okay, now it took me a really long time to figure out what fascinated so many people and lured them in so much – that’s because the pacing of the movie isn’t all it should be – and instead focuses on these two annoying hick best friends as they discover death and destruction, leading to the discovery of the snake-like-worm creatures that live underground. Then, they have to study the things in order to figure out that they’re blind – THEN we can get into the film’s most powerful element – and that is probably something it never intended to do. It got very reminiscent of a child’s game of “The Floor Is Made Out of Lava”. Instead of lava, we got evil monsters. Being reminiscent of the game was, in my opinion, what made a lot of people consider the movie fun – as it is a comedy/horror.

That’s fine and all, but for the most part, I couldn’t really sense any humor nor horror in the entire thing. I sat here with a slack look on my face wondering when it would end. The whole unintentional “Floor Lava” concept was really cool, and I wish they expanded that more, but instead we were given way too much introduction. I don’t care about these hicks, and I find them annoying. I don’t think I’ve ever been so annoyed at a Kevin Bacon character than I was here. I know they wanted the tone of the movie to seem different than your typical creature feature – but it just doesn’t work very well. Maybe in 1990, but in 2014 it just seemed dumb. I can appreciate horror/comedy flicks – there are some I love, but comedy in 1990 was very different than it is now – and in my humble opinion – it doesn’t translate well.

The Good:

Those of you that watched Tremors when it came out 24 years ago are probably struck hard with a lot of nostalgia, and that’s great. The movie does a fine job at bringing back memories of a floor made out of lava, and everything you had to do to avoid touching it.

The Bad:

It’s just so boring. 24 years is a long time for the genres of comedy and horror alike to evolve. The way they are presented here just don’t translate very well for a modern audience who has never seen it, myself included. The pacing itself was too long, as it wanted to focus a lot on the hicks – and they were just annoying…so I couldn’t care less.


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