Brick Mansions (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Nice try, Paul.

It’s still a bit of a shock, knowing that Paul Walker died the way he did, but we still got a couple of movies yet featuring him. I’m personally really interested in how they got around to figuring out Fast & Furious 7. Before that, however, we were treated to Brick Mansions, which is a movie that is slightly out of Paul Walker’s typical style – which of course is racing cars. While there was certainly car chases in this one, it was more  or less a different kind of movie.

Brick Mansions is more or less about a cluster of buildings known obviously as Brick Mansions, as well as its inhabitants, which are basically these no-good crooks that wield guns and other heavy weapons, and Damien Collier (Paul Walker) has to go in and stop the main bad guy from using a giant bomb on…whatever, I guess it doesn’t matter. To get to the main bad guy, he has to get the help from a man known as Lino – a convict who has the inside scoop of the complex. Things aren’t what they seem in Brick Mansions though, and Damien has to really listen to his instincts when it comes to who he should trust.

On one hand, there was some really interesting aspects to this film that I honestly, genuinely liked. The look was pretty good. It had a decent-enough budget, and they used it well – in a very visual manner. The whole thing seems to be bathed in a lightly contrast-y filter that adds to the view, but it’s more than that. The scenes were cut pretty well for the most part. The editor clearly had some experience in editing together fast-moving shots – because there was a cut EVERYWHERE – every second there seemed to be at least one cut – maybe more. That was fine for the most part – but it failed when it came to the fighting.

The fighting could have looked amazing had they used only a few cuts – but I kid you not – there was a cut and a different angle for every punch, kick, swing, and twirl.You know what that makes me think? That makes me think that Paul Walker can’t remember a choreographed fight if his life depended on it. It’s like they told him to make a right punch – then cut, then told him to block with his left arm, and then cut again……and basically repeated that pattern. Not only does it look bad, but holy crap – someone’s bound to get a seizure from how many things are happening all at once. It’s unbelievable and it’s cluttered.

I guess that’s fine though, right? Because the entire thing is cluttered. The entire film’s foundation is based on a McGuffin. Go to this place and disarm this bomb in the next 10 hours. Uh, why? Because it’s a bomb, dummy! No, that bomb was simply put there as a place-setter. So the rest of the movie can be filled to the brim with Paul Walker doing parkour and kung-fu. Throw in a little driving by Walker and we’re gold. Now as much as I am a fan of things like martial arts…this was really lame.

The Good:

I’ll be honest. There’s a lot about Brick Mansions that I found fun. It looked nice, had some cool edits at times, and of course – Paul Walker in a role he’s not usually found in.

The Bad:

But, and this is a big but – it’s an unnecessary film filled with unnecessary garbage. It’s based around a McGuffin. The whole point of this film seems to fall on – because we want to see Paul Walker jump around and hit things.

The Random:

Apparently this is a remake of something I’ve never seen. Go figure.

One thought on “Brick Mansions (2014)

  1. Yes. Yes this movie wasn’t too good, was it? Still. It’s something seeing him in this non-F&F franchise film. I’m glad u pointed out the fact that this type of role isn’t exactly typical for him, even though it’s closely related to his bad-ass, “do-anything” type roles.


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