Sex Tape (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Dude, Segel, Eat.

I’m not one to rate these types of movies. I watch them from time to time, but I generally find that reviewing them is more or less a waste of time. Sexual comedies almost never vary in what it’s filled with – and that may be very true for Sex Tape, but that being said – this was a movie that people weren’t only looking forward to – but it connected with a lot of comedy lovers out there, so I would be remised if I didn’t review it. That, and there’s also the fact that it’s been almost a month since my last review. *eep!*

Sex Tape is one of those movies that is practically self-defining. If you’re wondering if the trailer ruins the entire movie, the short answer to that is a resounding yes. The trailer not only shows the funniest parts, but it also shows the entire movie’s plot, as well as the most important parts that should have been left out of any marketing. Oh well. It’s about Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz’s characters as they try to spice up their marriage by creating a sex tape, which eventually gets out into the “cloud”. Jason’s character apparently spends a good amount of time handing out free iPads, and his cloud syncs the video to each of these devices. So throughout the film, he and his wife must go from door to door to get to the iPad and delete the video before it’s too late.

So the trailer gives a lot away, and what’s funny about that is – the way the jokes are presented in the trailer – was funnier than how they were presented in the actual film. Something about the lead-up in the movie itself was done poorly enough that it comes off as more boring. You can sit through the entire thing with a slack look on your face…it’s not that funny, and I think a huge reason as to why that is – is because the plot of the entire movie doesn’t make a lot of logical sense.

The cloud is the cloud – it is a digital backup of a computer file. Anyone who knows about the cloud knows that you can take that file off just as easily as you can put it on. That means he never had to leave the house to take it off of everyone’s iPad. All he had to do was remote wipe from his home computer. They make a joke out of that here and there, but nobody is that dumb. I understand they needed the story to keep going, but in all honesty, the very foundation of this film’s story progression is founded on something incredibly weak – and just knowing that had me nitpicking at everything they did. I found it very distracting.

This is partly why I avoid reviewing sexual comedies. They are always so focused on making a joke out of basic sexual *things* – like using curse words extensively and just being graphic in general. I don’t think that’s really what makes a movie special, even if it is funny from time to time. The acting in the movie was very joking, and it comes off as really fake and almost…bad acting – which I know these two have fine abilities in that department – so why did they come off so badly? And what on earth was wrong with Jason Segel? He looked sickly, like he hadn’t had anything to eat in eons. It’s called a burger, Segel, try one!

The Good:

The movie isn’t horrible or anything, it has a few jokes here and there that will strike the right chords if you are 1.) in the right mood, and 2.) if you haven’t been ruined by the spoilery trailers.

The Bad:

I don’t really consider Sex Tape a very good movie. It’s okay, but it’s nothing spectacular, really. The entire plot revolved around something that ultimately doesn’t make a lot of sense when you think about it, too.

2 thoughts on “Sex Tape (2014)

  1. Nice review Dave. I haven’t seen this one myself but I appreciate what you say about the trailer. I had a similar experience with Let’s Be Cops which presented the jokes in a much more amusing way than the actual film.


  2. After the first 30 mins of this film I thought it was going to be my least favourite film of the year to date. It was awful. It picked up when they went on the road to get the iPads back as long as you could overlook the problem you pointed out with the Cloud. Another disappointing R rated comedy.


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