Tammy (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
I’ve seen funnier.

I’m back! Yes, for the past week and a half, my computer decided quite rapidly that it no longer wished to do my bidding. So for the entire month of October, I’ve had one, yes, one review…which I’m ashamed of! Then again, there haven’t been many movies recently that I’ve actually cared to watch, and TV has come back with a vengeance this fall…so I haven’t gotten around to reviewing things. Well, my computer works great again – and I’ve decided the film to review would be Tammy…a movie that never really interested me, but still had slight potential to be something funny.

So, Tammy is about this character (obviously) named Tammy (Melissa McCarthy). Tammy is an over-confident and slightly naive woman who resorts to running away when the going gets rough. When she loses her job and finds out her husband has been cheating on her, Tammy decides to leave town – which becomes possible when her money-wielding grandmother (Susan Surandon) decides to tag along. Let the hijinks ensue.

Now, when I first saw the trailers to this film, there wasn’t a lot of promising scenes…even for a trailer. Trailers to comedies typically showcase all of the best comedic moments, regardless on how many spoilers that could reveal – and this trailer…well…there wasn’t a lot of funny moments. Instead, it was more or less strange. Did the movie support that same basic tone? Yes. The film itself supported a lot of more strange than funny moments. As far as the comedy itself goes, Melissa as a stand-up comic is a hilarious woman. Her style is so unique and so wonderful – but we’ve seen it before. These last couple of years, she has shown up in virtually every single comedy, especially R-rated comedies – and this is probably my least favorite of the bunch.

It’s not so much because of her performance and more along the lines that the entirety of the film’s purpose seems to be centered on the comedic stylings of Melissa McCarthy. What do I mean by that? Put it this way, imagine a team of filmmakers sitting around a table discussing this film…all I can really see is…let’s see how much of her comedy we can fit in…and not focus on the actual story. The story was set on a blind path…there was simply no plot, nor reason to even watch the thing. It’s just the hijinks of a crazy grandmother and her granddaughter.

Okay, okay – there was one decent element of the film – and that was it’s perspectives and views on familial relationships – and how sometimes these relationships hit their own respective speed bumps. That was great, as was their ability to showcase the chemistry between these actresses – you believe that they really are granddaughter and grandmother – even though Susan Surandon could have also just played the mother. Seriously…the age difference doesn’t seem high enough. Twenty-four years apart? Yeah – definitely should have been the mother.

Anyways – the comedy also has a hard time connecting with the audience because the film itself feels very long…regardless of the actual short time length. It feels so long because when you’re watching, you know that the plot isn’t actually going anywhere, so you can’t help but feel the length of the thing. Going on an adventure is one thing, but please…please pick something to do when you’re on that adventure – and don’t pick something at random! This tends to be quite the pet peeve in the world of film.

The Good:

To be perfectly fair and honest, Tammy possesses a good perspective on familial relationships, and the chemistry Susan and Melissa possess is very believable, and in some light – very funny. There is also a few scenes that are pretty funny.

The Bad:

“A few” funny scenes really equates to maybe two, and the rest is just okay. The film simply feels too long because there no real plot or reason to keep watching them. All they are doing is random things anyways. All in all, you and I have seen better in the world of comedy.


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