Hercules (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
I expected better.

I can’t say I’m the biggest fan or knowledgeable person when it comes to Greek mythology, but I can at least say that I’ve always at least found the story of Hercules to be one worthy of my fascination. Yes, that may technically be due to Disney, and I may not really know the real legend, but I like the idea of the guy. Over the last year, there has been a few random movies based on the character, but the only one I really wanted to check out was Hercules, starring Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson. If I could wrap it up in a single sentence, I might basically say that the trailers lied to us. That doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing, but it does mean false advertising, which in and of itself…is sketchy.

So The Rock plays Hercules in this adaptation of the story, and it may not be what you were expecting from the character. If you were expecting monster-fighting, high budgeted visual effects – you’ll have a better time watching Wrath of the Titans. No, the trailers may have shown as such, but in reality, all of that was shown in the first five minutes of the film – as the “legend” of Hercules. The rest of the movie is about Hercules being hired by a guy that wants to save his city – and needs Hercules’s strength to do that. That means a lot of swords, shields, and sandles. Yeah…this is closer to 300 than anything from mythology.

The reason why they lied to you may possibly because they wanted a certain audience to come to the movie and be surprised once there. It was all about legends vs. reality, and if Hercules really lived – would he have really been son of a true God, or would that have all simply be a legend? They question that quite a bit, and it reminds me of a lot of Jewish beliefs regarding Jesus.  I honestly don’t care that they proposed that specific question, because it does make you think while watching – if he is just a mortal man, but as far as advertisement goes – there is a lot of misconceptions flying around the web. Even IMDB’s own description…isn’t 100% accurate.

It’s not really the false advertising that hit me the hardest though, it was the confusing story. Yes, you start to understand what’s going on, because it’s happening, but the why is often a little foggy and left up to the imagination. Is there a real why, yes, but I actually found it easily missed in order to pave way for flashy action and violence. There just isn’t a ton of depth in the movie. The characters are fine. They do what they needed to do in order for the movie to feel more complete, but they themselves have no real development or super importance. It’s just a movie, guys – and not one that needs to be seen. I’ve seen better from Dwayne Johnson, and I’ve seen better from Brett Ratner. This isn’t a movie you need to be seeing.

The Good:

Look, Dwayne Johnson visually fits a role of Hercules. He’s massive, he’s strong, and you can buy him kicking a person ten feet across a room more than you could from a different actor. This is also not the worst movie in the world – in fact there are worse Hercules movies released just this year.

The Bad:

I can see expectations being a little ruined due to false advertising, but I am a little disappointed that the Rock didn’t sing“I Can Go the Distance”. In all seriousness and fairness, there’s not a lot about this film that needs to be seen. It’s pretty forgettable.

11 thoughts on “Hercules (2014)

    1. It wasn’t about changing things up that disappointed me, it was the false advertisement that lead you to believe the film was about one thing,but wasn’t even close to being about that. The trailers were flashy and full of CGI,and it looked a lot like Wrath or Clash of the Titans. I could care less about the actual direction of the movie – but the trailers bring in a certain group of audience, and it’s pretty simple, they were lied to. I’m disappointed in the lie.


      1. I never care about advertising. Most of the time the people who make the trailers aren’t the people who made the movie anyway, so it’s a bit unfair to judge a movie based on the trailers. Another good reason to avoid trailers if you know you’re going to see a movie.


      2. Yeah, well – I review for the modern audience. The same audience that actually watches trailers. That way – I’d be more accurate by saying “you might be disappointed”


      3. Nobody should expect trailers to be giving an accurate representation of the movie’s story. That’s not their purpose. The purpose is to give you a feel of the style of the movie, to get people into the seats. The less story the trailers tell you the better, imo.


      4. “The purpose is to give you a feel of the style of the movie” – the trailers to this movie felt like Wrath of the Titans – full of fantasy, CGI, monsters and strength.


      5. It did have fantasy, CGI, monsters, and strength. They took on different forms than you may have been expecting, but they were there, throughout the movie, not just at the start.


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