V/H/S: Viral (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Not very worthwhile

I’ve decided to go about this a little differently, because this series requires you to watch it a particular way if you’re going to enjoy it at all – and it’s important not to compare it to the first movie. The first had a lot of focus on the VHS aspect – the VHS quality was apparent, which was really cool, but the rest of the series has digital HD quality footage…which doesn’t make sense with VHS. Instead, you just need to watch it for what it is – an anthology film. That’s what I went in with when I saw V/H/S: Viral, the third movie in the franchise.

Okay, because this is anthology film separated into segments, I’ll go ahead and talk about each one:

Dante the Great

This short centered around a magician who actually (apparently) had magical powers, which he achieved through a mysterious black cloak. Though, the cloak was a bit dark and evil, so the magician had to kill others in order to keep using his abilities – and the use of the cloak turned him evil…sort of. [documentary/found footage style]

-This short was okay. Was it scary, not in the slightest. But it had an interesting enough story to work within itself…and I think that’s fine.

Parallel Monsters

This short was…interesting. It was basically about a device that a man created in his basement that opens a doorway to an alternate universe parallel to his own. Everything is basically the same, except the people on the other side weren’t people…they were really strange and satanic monsters that have strange body parts. [alternating found footage]

-I actually liked where this short was going until it got to the “scary bits”. Before that happened, it was just plain creepy. It drew a lot of greatness out of those creepy scenes, but once people’s faces started lighting up, I was utterly confused – it got worse from there.


Um…so this short centered around a bunch of stoner skater dudes that unearth a bunch of…killer…weirdoes at an abandoned skate park. They then have to fight them off with whatever they can get a hand on – their skate boards, rocks, fireworks, and a random gun that seems to come out of nowhere. [GoPro, found footage]

-Not scary, not creepy, just weird. It takes a special kind of freak to write up this disaster of a short film. If I had to guess, marijuana wrote this one.

Vicious Circles

This is the “main” story, if you can call it that – it’s the one they keep coming to in-between short films. In this story, a guy’s girlfriend goes missing during some high-speed ambulance chase that is going viral. Throughout the film, the guy basically chases after this ambulance trying to find his girlfriend. But because that’s not enough, we have weird little tid bits here and there that really, really don’t belong in the movie and just feel so out of place. [misc., found footage, helicopter/police footage]

This is the main one that differs from the other films. In the other movies, this is where the VHS part would take place. They would run into a mysterious house, where mysterious things happen, and they’d simply keep playing a bunch of VHS tapes. However, that wasn’t the case here…there wasn’t a single VHS tape…so I’m not sure where the title comes into play in this film. Instead, there are brief shout outs to viral videos – which I don’t think they understand either.

AS A WHOLE – I don’t think they understood what they were going for as far as big picture goes. Each individual story was okay, but none of them were really all that worthwhile – and combined as an overall arc was pretty sad and just…didn’t make a lot of sense. At the same time, these stories are still very weird and very creative, and that is something no one can take away from it.

The Good:

These individual stories are very original, and won’t fail to have you very confused.

The Bad:

This just has to be the worst one in the series. It’s not a horrible movie, but if you think about the direction the series was heading before, and where it went for the third film…you can most certainly tell it’s not quite…all there.


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