Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) [1000th Review]


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Star Wars Rocks!

The time has come, ladies and gentlemen, the 1000th review on Dave Examines Movies had to be something special, and needless to say, Star Wars fits the bill in more ways than one. I initially refused to review this thing, because I personally love it and didn’t want to give it a bad score because certain things may not translate well for a modern audience. However, my requirements for modern audience don’t exactly fit here. My idea of a modern audience is a group of movie viewers that haven’t seen the selected film, nor knows much about it. The thing about Star Wars is that…even if you haven’t seen it…it’s incredibly rare for you not to know everything that happens in it…so a modern audience for this film would just be one who hasn’t seen it…so how does this film match up to those who have only heard about it? That depends.

Meet Luke Skywalker, a dweeby farmer orphan boy who is thrown into the world of politics…er…the Empire – an evil team of evil people that are basically just hell-bent on being evil, and the Rebels are always getting in their way. I mean, they follow the dark side of the force, it doesn’t get any more cut and dry than that. Anyways, when Luke runs into washed out Jedi Master Ben Kenobi, he learns he needs to become a Jedi like his dead father – in order to take down the Empire, because he is the Rebels only hope.

*The version I watched was the most current, altered version*

I love this movie. If I could, I’d slap a perfect score on it just because I love it so much, but that’s not how this works. My love for the film, like many of yours, is built upon nostalgia – and a lot of it. However, it’s not a perfect movie, it does have its flaws, and because I watched the most current version of the movie, I saw more than what I’m guessing the original had. So a love I once had for the modern changes…has transformed into something more of an understanding for those that hate the changes. Most obviously – the CGI. I’m not going to lie – the computer graphics in this movie were bad. Really bad. The animatronics are awesome, and then computer graphics show up right next to them and it’s horrible. Things like that can really affect your level of entertainment. However, I do understand why they did them. It acted like a beauty cream and altered the tone of the film to feel a bit more like the prequels, which in turn helped a bit with the transition from Episode III to IV. Not exactly, but in a way that won’t feel so aged. I just don’t think it worked very well.

However, everything else – in my opinion – was flawless. This is a movie that really takes pacing to another realm. What makes this movie so great is the very way it was made. The diversity of the characters, the creativity of the universe/ships/and designs, the incredible John Williams score, the pace, the acting, the slight comic relief, everything is done so meticulously and perfectly that it’s hard to find anything to complain about. What I found as the greatest strength, however, was the pace itself.

We start out rather slowly introducing various characters, then every scene after that escalades with tense thrills and exciting action. Every scene is bigger than the last, and you can never. I repeat, never guess what’s coming. You may know Star Wars like the back of your hand, but I can tell that when this was first released, there wasn’t anything about the film that was predictable. It had twists and turns and shocking reveals…maybe not as shocking as some of the other moments in the series, but still.

This movie is really important for the franchise. It’s the very first movie that introduces you to this expansive universe that never seems to keep growing. In the world of Star Wars, this was the Big Bang. For that reason alone, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope translates perfectly for a modern audience. Just…watch the original version if you can find it. You’ll be better off.

The Good:

This is Star Wars. If only I was around in 1977 to see it explode in the world. In all honesty, its a very well put-together flick that has a solid plot, loveable characters, and an unrelentingly epic pacing.

The Bad:

The CGI of the altered version. You may hate the CGI because they altered a perfectly good movie…well I don’t care about that, I care about the fact that the CGI looks so fake and so bad that it takes me out of the movie.


2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) [1000th Review]

  1. Very good choice to make your 1000th review. What a classic this is. I was around in ’77 and went to the theater to see it as a wee tyke. Even after all these years, I remember it as being an awesome experience. I’ve watched it many times since and still love it. I’ll admit that I haven’t watched the updated cgi’d-up version of any of the original trilogy even though I own them because the clips I’ve seen of it look horrible. Thankfully, the set i own also contains the original theatrical versions.


    1. Right, but I don’t believe there are any theatrical blu-ray versions, which is what I watched today. Think about that CGI stuff in HD on a 50″ widescreen. Couldn’t be more obvious


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