Lucy (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Accesses 10% Accuracy

“Did you know that as human beings, we can only access ten percent of our brain capacity?”. How many times have we heard that, and how many movies dig deep into that very question…I would say limitless films. One of these, of course, is Limitless, and it’s a bit of a pet peeve. While theoretically it would be really cool if that were so, but the sad fact is that we do access 100% of our brains…just 10% at any given time, and that 10% is more like twelve, anyway. Lucy poses the same question, and decides to more or less go the supernatural route…so how does it work out?

Well, Lucy is an idiot when the movie begins. She has no real character background or importance, she’s just thrown into the movie. There is a new drug available, and that new drug is sewn into her body for smuggling purposes. Well, the bag actually tears in her body and her entire system is infected with the new drug, which allows her to access more and more of her brain capacity. Once this occurs, she is able to manipulate things you couldn’t possibly imagine. She uses her newfound power to take down the people that put the drugs there and to explore the deepest crevices of her mind.

Is this movie dumb? Yeah, it’s rather stupid. It’s not even remotely believable. Past the whole silly 10% plot, you still have what she ends up doing. I’ll tell you this much – it looks amazing. The graphics in this film are top notch and quite creative, and are served on a silver platter of great pacing. This is another film that makes effective use of an escalating pace. From 10% to 100%, things just get more and more nuts, and you have no idea how it will end up. You have to give it props for that.

You also have to give it props for the strange way they decided to edit this film together. It mixes shots of great action with metaphorically mirroring scenes of animals and nature that are equally as beautiful as they are unique in terms of filmmaking and editing. I don’t always notice things like this, but when I do, I have to give them credit for doing their jobs right. Everything that has to do with visuals in this film are absolutely stunning. Even impressive in some places.

Logically speaking, the writing is what suffers the most, as it hinges on the whole 10% aspect, which is complete bull honky. The characters are also very two-dimensional and have no real layers apart from what you see on the outside. None of them apparently have any pasts or any passions, really. They are just…people in a movie because someone wrote them as such. However, this is a movie that is fantastic if you’re looking for something to simply entertain you. Don’t nitpick or focus on any expectations…just watch it for what it is and you’ll be absolutely fine.

The Good:

Everything that had to do with visuals – so the action, camerawork, editing, pacing, and special effects were out of this world. It had a lot going for it for that alone – you could watch it on mute and still think it looks great.

The Bad:

The writing is pretty much a turd someone forgot to flush down. The characters are flat, the story is just okay, and the plot hinges on something that is somewhat embarrassing. It’s a great movie to look at, but if you look at the soul and glue of the thing, it’s pretty stupid.

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