Interstellar (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
A wondrous adventure.

I’m a fan of science fiction. I’m a fan of Christopher Nolan. Put those two together and you get Interstellar – A movie that did a pretty solid job at hiding its plot other than to say, hey, this is Mathew McConaughey in space – and it’s gonna be mighty pretty – maybe even on the same wave length as the visual marvel – 2001: A Space Odyssey. Other than that, no one really knew what this thing was. However, my faith in Nolan was enough to get me to the movie theater for the very first showing of the film…at least in my city, that is. What I found is a movie, while not perfect, is still one heck of an entertaining feature.

To give you a better idea of what this movie is about – picture a dying world overrun by increasing dust storms. These dust storms are making it very difficult for farmers like Cooper (McConaughey) to maintain their fields before they burst into flames every now and then (the fields, not the farmers). When he learns the world doesn’t have all that much time left, he is selected by NASA to head up a team of astronauts  on a space mission – through a nearby wormhole – to find a viable planet to continue the human race. What they find is…very interesting.

Well, this is science fiction, indeed. More so than I actually thought it would be. They spoke in vivid detail of scientific theories that I’m personally not familiar with. It was practically educational, like I was reading straight out of an issue of Popular Science, and it was never boring. Not even for a second. I actually expected less theoretical intelligence speech and more, just, visual marvel stuff. That’s not to say there wasn’t any visual marvels, there definitely were, just not as much as I sort of expected. Instead, we got a lot of more story and character development than I initially would have also expected from a movie like this.

Indeed, the acting in this film is quite impressive. There is a lot of emotional scenes coming from the entire cast. In my opinion, I think they pushed those a little more than they should have, but for the most part it feels natural. The casting, by the way, was great. They did a great job concealing the fact that a lot of these well-known actors show up throughout the movie. There is a lot of moments where you can’t help but say, “wait, did you know they were in this movie?”. So, it does a really good job at surprising you as far as casting goes, but here’s where I’m a little upset – the plot.

Look, leaving the planet in a search to find another planet to live on is a fantastic plot, but it’s not something utterly unique. It sounds eerily familiar because we’ve seen this stuff in movies, tv, and spoken about in theory just in general. Christopher Nolan did a great job with that kind of an idea, but I found some things to be a little predictable in the story. It may just be me, but I found that while watching it – I would do things a certain way if I personally wrote the movie – and that’s how it ends up going down…every time. Either that means the movie is predictable or it means great minds think alike…either way, that could happen to others and I just wished the movie was a little more impossible to predict.

Now, the comedy in the movie was great, what little there was – coming from the onboard robot…thing. Now that was something very unique and I definitely appreciated the route they went with that specific…element. Other than that, the performances alone – as stated before, were very good.

The Good:

Interstellar is an intergalactic phenomenon of a movie…for the most part. It’s got great characters, chemistry, a great plot, and unbelievable reveals throughout the movie that really make this movie feel like a complete success.

The Bad:

In my opinion, the plot felt too familiar, and because of that, I ended up predicting a lot of the things that happen in the movie that I’m guessing I’m not supposed to know.

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