Dumb and Dumber To (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Kinda expected that.

I grew up loving Jim Carrey. I all but idolized the man…okay, fine. I idolized him. He is one funny guy, and around 1994, his fame exploded with three of his biggest hits – one including Dumb & Dumber. In my opinion, somehow the Farrelly brothers struck gold with that movie. They hit all the right spots in all the right ways, making one of the best, if not the best stupid comedy film of all time. Who wouldn’t want to see Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprise the roles that, in some ways, defined their careers? At the same time though, Dumb and Dumber To took a huge risk…which was ruining the reputation of the first by, more or less, making a parody of itself…and it hurts me to say that this movie kind of did just that.

Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunn are back at it again – on the road to save Harry’s life. You see, he needs a kidney transplant and the only living relative that could help him is a daughter that he unknowingly had fathered twenty years prior. So they head to El Paso to find her, equipped with an important, life-altering package – all the while escaping two criminals that want to kill them. Sound familiar?

Oh yes, this movie follows the same basic structure as the first. Right down to the same music, wardrobe, and jokes. Now, there are some good original jokes that are introduced this time around that feel native to our favorite idiots, but they repeat some of the classic jokes to put our hearts into the movie. Jokes aren’t really the issue here, its that same…overall feel that this film gives off that makes us think that depressing thought…is that all they could come up with after twenty years?

Poor Jim Carrey can’t make a sequel that people like…at least not initially. The sequel to Ace Ventura was almost globally hated when it was first released, and I know people who actually like it better than the first, and judging by my rating of the two – I’m one of them…so will this just have a bad rating initially? Will people come to think of it as a cult classic? My honest opinion is not at all – because of the mere fact that it’s just a carbon copy of the original that doesn’t try hard enough to be something completely different – which is what Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls actually did. When you have two movies that are virtually the same in every aspect it just comes down to which one you personally prefer – and I don’t know if they tried to meet expectations of a new audience or not, but there were moments in this movie where I felt as if it was trying a little too hard.

It’s awesome to see these two jump back into these roles, and I think they did a great job – but there were moments here and there where it seemed like they were over-acting and trying to push that dumb factor more than necessary. The first film featured a more realistic atmosphere that Lloyd and Harry just manipulated to seem over-the-top. It was a very polar opposite type deal, so they didn’t need to act too dumb because it felt more natural that way. It seemed to me as if certain things OTHER than the two leads were also over-the-top in the sequel – and the flow didn’t seem as natural anymore.

The thing you love about these guys is the fact that they are more or less children in adult bodies. Manchilds, if I may. That’s true here as well, but they did seem a little more raunchy and inappropriate in this film. They were always inappropriate, yes – but for me, it just seemed like another thing the Farrelly brothers pushed that wasn’t necessary and maybe even made the thing worse than it was.

Overall, Dumb & Dumber will always be one of my favorite comedies period, and there isn’t a chance that I’ll ever forget it…while the sequel will probably join the others at Misfit Island.

The Good:

Love it or hate it, you gotta love Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, who have tremendous chemistry on screen, and can still pull out a good chuckle here and there – the devotion they put into making this film and promoting it is worth noting. It is also a thousand times better than that movie, Dumb and Dumberer that no one dare acknowledges.

The Bad:

It’s just the same thing again, just less funny. Less funny not because of the jokes but because of the unoriginality seeping from the thing. You can enjoy it for the characters and some of the throwbacks that remind you of the original, but at the end of the day, you’d rather see the first movie.

7 thoughts on “Dumb and Dumber To (2014)

  1. *Sigh.* Yes, this is kind of what I was predicting as well, though I didn’t ever want to admit it. Nice review though. I think I’ll keep this one in the back pocket and just rent it down the road


  2. Actually I enjoyed the story quite a bit. Of course it doesnt beat the original. You can’t re-meet the characters – they’re the same… but that’s a good thing too. If there were no repeat of original gags, people would be upset as well. I thought there was enough new gags to make up for it.


    1. The thing about the original, is that you never really expected where the story or the gags would go. I’m fine with a little nostalgia, references to the original, etc, but it was way over the top here, and they also overplayed the characters a bit.


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