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Name: M. Night Shyamalan
Birthday: August 6, 1970
Movie Reviews (8/8)

Scores Dave Examines Movies Half-Popped Reviews
(Overall Score)
78.63% 52.4%
Cumulative GPA 2.93 1.62
(Average Top 5)
88% 69.44%
Good Movies
(70% or Higher)
88% (7/8) 38% (3/8)

M. Night Shyamalan is one of those directors that, when tripped over his original success, was kicked repeatedly once down. Once he fell, people painted a less-than-attractive picture that represented the remainder of his career. In my honest opinion, the success of his first three films created this overall expectation that every movie of his had to follow suit. However, when The Village came around, directors of advertisement insisted that they marketed his films to the same audience – even when his movies discontinued their horror path and went down different genres (romance, fairy tale, children’s, etc.) He’s actually a very good director, and in my opinion, the only movie that was actually BAD (a rating of less than 70%) was The Happening. I personally look forward to his next film that no one knows much about, The Visit (2015) – as it’s reportedly going back to his origins of not worrying about big-budget demand, and back to creepy, slow-moving thrillers. Hey, I’m excited.

The Best M. Night Shyamalan Movies (Winner and Runner Up)
Unbreakable and The Sixth Sense

The Worst M. Night Shyamalan Movies (Winner and Runner Up)
The Happening and After Earth

M. Night Shyamalan Movies:

Release Date Movie Title Rating
05/31/13 after-earth-51463d8755557 71
07/01/10 the-last-airbender-520feab65dda3 72
06/13/08 the-happening-51811b1f8c36c 46
07/21/06 lady-in-the-water-528b74ce489b5 74
07/30/04 the-village-50444a8704f91 78
08/02/02 signs-520d3a0493630 94
11/20/00 unbreakable-523776f0523dd 98
08/06/99 the-sixth-sense-520d35c0b834b 96

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