Head Over Heels (2001)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Romantic Rear Window.

Alfred Hitchcock was an interesting and brilliant man. He was so beloved that everyone wanted to be him…heck, that’s true even by today’s standards. One of his films that I’ve seen redone in different lights was one of my personal favorites of his collection, Rear Window. It’s basically about a creepy voyeur dude that witnesses his neighbor kill someone through their windows, which face each other – and throughout the film, the hero of the story has to convince everyone else that it actually happened. Head Over Heels is one of the films that feature the same basic concepts, but is given the lighter tones of a romantic comedy…which is pretty interesting.

Monica Potter plays Amanda, a woman who moves in with a congress of superficial, stereotypical supermodels – and out her window spies on an attractive man named Jim Winston (Freddie Prinze Jr.). But Jim Winston has a terrible secret, when Amanda believes she watches him murder an innocent woman in his apartment, she tries her best to prove he did it, but it keeps getting increasingly difficult to seem serious with a bunch of ditsy super models right next to her. Regardless of her fears of the possible killer next door, she still begins to uncontrollably fall for his charms.

This is one of the few romantic comedies I actually enjoyed – simply because it wasn’t a natural romcom. It wasn’t original either, but in the terms of romance it somehow was. This was mixing horror/comedy with romance, and the strange genre mixture somehow really worked. It doesn’t make a ton of sense, because no woman in her right mind would date a guy if she thought he killed someone else…sure, love makes you do crazy things and create innocence where there is only guilt, but murder should be on some other realm, don’t you think? Oh, who cares, it’s a romantic comedy!

In all honesty, this is what I’d consider half predictable. On one side, they got the Hitchcock mystery which could go either way – and on the other half, you have the romance side which can only really end one way. So again, the mixture of horror and romance affected the predictability of the film – making a unique ingredient for the film which ultimately makes it memorable…which is really hard to do with romantic comedies – really hard. So, bravo, moviemakers, bravo.

As with any romance, you have to ask if the chemistry in the film is up to par. Well, this is Monica Potter and Freddie Prinze Jr we’re talking about. At this era, Prinze was considered a heartthrob, and Monica Potter grew up to be the mother on Parenthood. They did work very well together…imagine a previous generation of Katherine Heigl…she was pretty much that. Take that as you will!

The Good:

Head Over Heels is a very good RomCom that takes an Alfred Hitchock twist to the next level…and I loved that about it.

The Bad:

Unfortunately, it’s still a romantic comedy…and those can never be absolutely amazing. They are good for girls because they present love in a commendable light, but they never attempt to reach an Oscar-worthy presentation.


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