Jingle All the Way 2 (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
How dare they!?

Who has some Christmas Spirit!? After all, it is finally December again, which means we can all get back into the spirit of watching those classic Christmas tales on the telly. Why, sure – none of these films are probably ever going to win an award because of the tackiness, but that’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown! Now, Jingle All the Way is one of my personal favorite films during the holidays for a variety of reasons. It’s funny, original, and has that overall feeling of a classical Christmas adventure that you can really love. Jingle All the Way 2, however, is a mockery of everything the first one stood for – and as a movie all on its own, is really bad, anyways.

Okay, so what is this film about? Well on the surface, it’s once again about a devoted father that is searching up and down the town for a toy that he believes he daughter wants – but the darn thing is unfortunately sold out. In reality, his daughter’s step-father is buying every last version of the toy in town just so Larry can’t get one…that’s like $40,000, mind you.

Okay, first of all, I hate you, Larry the Cable Guy – this is the second time that I’ve seen you steal a family series away from a strong guy – for no apparent reason other than to make it a parody of itself with redneck overtones. Yes, it’s about finding the impossible toy for the kid, but the whole reasoning behind that was really stupid – the kid doesn’t even want it – and you know that right off hand…and because the step-dad is buying all of them in town, it doesn’t even seem like it’s genuinely the hottest toy in town…so I’m lost as to what the point even is.

Instead of a family film centered on a father risking everything for the only toy he knows his child wants, this is about a competition between two fathers who want custody of the kid on Christmas. In my opinion, that removed quite a bit of honor that the first one had, and even as a movie on its own, is not good. No one really has any chemistry, and you’re at a loss of words when you try to think of all these women that Larry dated…clearly don’t seem like his type. You just don’t sense any of these connections and you’re left really unsatisfied and honestly angry at this film for taking a beloved franchise and taking a massive dump on it.

Larry the Cable Guy has his own place in cinema, this I believe. The whole redneck blue collar thing can be funny, absolutely…just not here. Redneck comedy is all about saying we know we look and sound stupid, but we’re okay with that because on some level, we really aren’t – and that’s what this film turned into…a blue collar redneck standup routine. Yes, there are some good elements to the adventure side of things, but for the most part, those elements were just borrowed straight from the first film.

The Good:

Somewhere in the movie lied a few semi-good jokes, and good messages of love and family.

The Bad:

For the most part, Jingle All the Way 2 was a whose better contest between two fathers, and the extremes they both go to in order to make their daughter happy. It should have been heartfelt and truly family-centered…but it was just that stupid contest. I mean seriously, who would go to the extremes of $40,000 buying hundreds of the same toy just so the other guy can’t buy one? It doesn’t even make sense – even to the rich and famous. This movie was bad. Really bad. Stay away from it, folks.

11 thoughts on “Jingle All the Way 2 (2014)

  1. I may have liked “Jingle All the Way” as a kid, but kinda sorta half watching it later, I found it to be lame and crappy. And I hate Larry the Cable Guy. He’s the absolute WORST comedian on “Blue Collar Comedy Tour.” I guess that fills you in on how I feel about the concept of this movie.

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      1. The Christmas movie my family watches every year is “A Christmas Story,” which is infinitely quotable and never, for us at least, gets old. Then I saw the advertisement for “A Christmas Story 2,” which looked f’ing HORRIBLE beyond belief and didn’t even have any of the actors from the classic movie in it (well, Peter Billingsely is grown up and Darren McGavin is dead, so that is reasonable, I guess.) My point- stop making pointless remakes/sequels!


      2. Lol, people don’t want things to end. Anyway, I never was a fan of A Christmas Sorry because they over played it to the point of annoyance


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