Ouija (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
I prefer Jumanji.

Who doesn’t like a game of Ouija, right?! I can’t say I’ve ever played it, but when it comes to the world of board games…Ouija is unlike any other out there. I mean, while you can find it at Toys ‘R’ Us, you can’t exactly consider it a family friendly game…no matter how much you make fun of it. I’ve heard a lot of stories about the Ouija board throughout my life that really fascinated me. Maybe they were just meant to scare – but true believers in paranormal folklore use this thing as a serious means to speak to demons or spirits. You don’t see them using Monopoly the same way, do you? Anyways, I’ve always wanted people to make a horror film based on this game. Always. Was  Ouija what I was expecting?…eh…they took things way too far.

So, after a good friend of hers unexpectantly dies, Laine Morris decides to group a few friends together and try to contact her through the means of a Ouija board. Only, the Ouija board was far more powerful and real than they ever imagined, and once they opened up that door to the spirit world…there wasn’t a lot they could really do to stop it…so they had to keep playing to find more answers on how to end it once and for all.

First of all, I want to acknowledge others’ anger with this film – I get it. It’s a scary movie based on a board game. If you don’t find the Ouija board fascinating at all, then the same is simply going to apply in the film. You really, really have to be interested in the paranormal in order for you to have any kind of entertainment from the film. I personally don’t mind it being about a board game…I like that. Instead, I wanted to see something more realistic, because it is based on an actual, real-life game that people have played and have had experiences with. That’s what I wanted to see.

Instead, what this movie did was it turned it into something of a joke. At first, they tell you the glass eye on the game piece is used to see to the other side…which is when you might see spirits. After that, it just flat out shows the ghosts to the naked eye, completely negating the rule in the beginning – and making it really really tacky. When people play the real board game, they get really paranoid, and their hairs stand on end and they think they hear or see things out of the corner of their eye….stuff that can be reasonably explained as paranoia. A movie should try to do something along those lines. Make it explainable as paranoia…or as a slight other possibility that it’s truly something paranormal. Let the audience decide!!! Don’t turn this into Final Destination and kill off characters. People don’t die when they play the game. They freak out!

I don’t dislike this movie because it’s a board game. The name of Hasbro seems silly stamped onto a movie like this, but I dislike it because of the route it decided to take – which was really cheesy and predictable. It seems to have a decent production budget, because it looks very professional – and I happen to know that Olivia Cooke is actually a very good actress, but she just fades out in this film because it’s not that special.

The Good:

I’ve always wanted a movie based off of the Ouija board. The concept is great, it’s a very unique game all on its own, and there are plenty of people that swear they experience strange things with the game. To finally see a movie based on that has been long-awaited.

The Bad:

It’s an expensive movie that plays out as cheap and predictable. It has plot holes and stops feeling like a smart horror movie about the Ouija board the second the first person dies – which is unfortunately very early on – as it’s the foundation for the plot.

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