Vice (2015)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
The Purge Robots

It still feels weird to put ‘2015’ on the title of my reviews, but hey. Bruce Willis is the man, and even though he’s transitioned himself into a typecasted corner a little bit (kind of like Denzel Washington) – I still like him. He still kicks butt and cracks jokes just like he’s always done – and to be honest, that’s why I decided to watch Vice – for Bruce Willis…and he’s really not in the movie that much. Overall, I’d have to say this was an okay, but weird and slightly boring sci-fi movie.

What is it about? Imagine if you put together these movies: I, Robot, The Purge, and The Island. You may be able to toss in a few other titles, but these were the main movies that came to mind when I saw it. It’s about a resort in town that offers its patrons the ability to do whatever they wanted with no repercussions. Rape, pillage, murder…whatever they want – because the people they do these things to…are actually artificial intelligent robots that just look human. When one of these artificials escape the compound, a police officer that’s always been against the resort attempts to track her down in order to help take down the resort.

I understand the basic idea of this film just fine, but I truly believe they had some issues explaining the idea of the film to the audience. There is a scene near the beginning of this film where two characters just…explain everything to each other. This specific scene feels really long because there’s a lot of details to the story…and to be honest, it would have just made more sense to have some titles at the start of the film explaining everything instead. The scene just felt obvious – these characters were just talking to the audience…no one else.

Even with the story explained, though, it’s not all that special. As I’ve mentioned above, it’s not new. We’ve seen the idea of a detective set against a widely-accepted concept revolving robots (I, Robot); we’ve seen the idea of people being able to commit whatever crime they want without repercussions (The Purge); and we’ve seen clones coming into self-realization before escaping their compound because what they were doing wasn’t right (The Island). It was literally all three of these films put together. Take those movies away, and you really don’t have anything but the actors…which isn’t enough to save the film. I may like those three movies, but somehow putting them together just wasn’t the best idea. I was honestly kind of bored.

Even with all of the action going on, I was almost falling asleep because there wasn’t anything attached to these characters that you could appreciate. To put it nicely, you don’t care about the characters in the least bit. Bruce Willis is in the sidelines for most of the movie – just accepting a paycheck, and Thomas Jane looked like he was just high the whole time. I couldn’t take anyone seriously, and therefore I wasn’t the biggest fan of the movie. I really wish I could delve deeper into why I felt a certain way about the movie, but it’s actually really simple. The movie just isn’t that great and certainly not worth your time.

The Good:

Not a lot, thought I do feel like somewhere in the muck is the promise for a very interesting concept. I know the beginning of the movie had me anxious for a good movie.

The Bad:

It is an unoriginal piece of garbage that mashes up the stories of three different movies in an effort to make something completely unique. You instead end up paying the story no mind as the characters are flat and unapproachable because you simply. don’t. care.

The Random:

I hate January.


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