Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Was expecting funnier.

To be perfectly honest, I always found Horrible Bosses to be quite unique for comedy, and I had a lot of good laughs watching it because not only is the concept funny, but so are the characters and the jokes written for each of them. Did I ever expect a sequel? No, and neither did the rest of the world, I don’t think. The first movie stood alone as far as importance went, we certainly didn’t need another one, and yet here we are at Horrible Bosses 2. In the end, it wasn’t amazing, but you know Hollywood’s insistent on the Rule of Three, we almost always have to have a trilogy – so you can pretty much guess there’ll be another one in the next year or two.

This sequel once again centers on our three amigos once again, Nick, Kurt, and Dale. This time around, they’ve learned from their mistakes…or have they? They no longer like to work for evil bosses, so they decided to work together and be their own boss – but in order for that to work, they need a sponsor and money…so you can guess what comes next – their sponsor is now the one that is horrible, so they plot to kidnap his son in order to get the money they claim is rightfully theirs. Only, the son decides he wants in on the kidnapping plot as well, which only makes things worse.

You know what I was thinking when I first started watching Horrible Bosses 2? I was thinking, “ohh, I get what they did – now they are the horrible bosses…nice.” In all honesty, I think that would have created a nice spin on everything, but in the end, it just turned into more or less the same thing as the first. Instead of murder, you have kidnapping. Which is fine, but the way they went about it was just mirroring the first film – including re-hashing most of the jokes from the first just for the heck of it.

That’s the thing about the comedy, the humor was funniest only when bringing back jokes from the first…which is really sad. Unfortunately, the trailer showed all the funniest bits and even presented those funny bits better than the actual movie. I can’t help but notice the lack of chuckles or even smiles I had while watching this sequel. It wasn’t exactly as horrible as the title suggests, but it wasn’t hysterical either. You can watch it all the way through when you have nothing better to do, but I’m having trouble saying this film was worthy of even being called a part of the franchise.

You see the same cast for the most part, but you don’t exactly love them like you did the first time either. It’s basically nice to see them together again, but you get more excitement from the movie poster and trailer than you do the movie itself. That’s because the plot is very old. Faking a kidnapping to get the money yourself? Oh come on. If I had a nickel for every time that’s ever been done, I’d be rich. What they should have done instead is become the horrible bosses and have to relive the first movie from the other perspective. Boom. I’m a better writer than you Hollywood turds.

The Good:

It’s great to see these comedic legends coming together once again, even if we weren’t expecting this franchise to have a second movie. They have pretty good chemistry, and there are a few solidly funny parts here and there.

The Bad:

To be blunt, Horrible Bosses 2 should never have been made. There was no point, the comedy was bland, and the plot was unoriginal. It was, in all honesty, a waste of time.


One thought on “Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)

  1. Good review Dave. For me, it was just fine. The ensemble clearly seemed to be game here and because of that, I couldn’t help but occasionally join in on the laughter.


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