Insurgent (2015)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Packed, but solid.

Oh No! Not another young-adult dystopian sequel movie with young romance and stereotypically attractive leads! Now that I got that out of my system…get over yourself! It is what it is, and yeah it may have some undoubtedly predictable qualities, but the true reason you actually watch these things are for everything else. The story, the twists and turns that you wouldn’t normally expect. The Divergent Series is actually a little bit of a ballsy one if you ask me, and Insurgent was always my favorite book out of the entire book series – and the same may just apply for the film’s adaptation as well. However, with any movie, it sure does have its flaws and strays away a little from the source material, but other than that…it’s actually pretty entertaining all on its own.

So, Tris is on the run from the power-hungry Erudite faction members, led by the insufferable Jeanine. No matter where she goes, the guilty memories of lost loved ones captivates her living dreams, and she simply will not stand until Jeanine stands for her crimes. So she sets off to find others like her and those willing to fight for what is right. Meanwhile, Jeanine needs a strong Divergent to unlock a mysterious McGuffin box that holds the answers to the universe…or something like that.

Insurgent was always my favorite part of the series, because not only does it match the tone of the first film, but it also introduces a heck of a lot more action. No need for all that character development and lovey-dovey humdrum bologna that the first film insisted on – we can now focus on what makes this series…well…kind of epic. There is a lot of action and there is a lot of twists and turns that no audience member could really predict. However, if you’re going to put all the action of a book into a two-hour film, you’re going to face some serious time constraints which don’t really feel natural.

Our mighty band of heroes definitely kick tail here, but they do it by going from “faction” to “faction”. We see a new angle for pretty much every faction that we haven’t before, but in the end it feels like it’s almost rushed. The book obviously takes its time introducing you to these factions, and the way the book does it is really, really cool. The movie simply didn’t have enough time to show you everything, and so each scene change only lasts a few minutes before it’s onto the next – so it definitely feels rushed.

I can’t say I wasn’t entertained, though. There were a lot of really energetic and fun scenes in this film that seem to be choreographed really well – and it should be noted that the actual story is solid. No matter how rushed it might feel, you’re never confused as to what’s happening. You know what’s going on, you know why, and you have a good idea about what they need to do to accomplish it – but the ride along the way is just too much fun to ignore. The only problem you might have with understanding the movie comes down to how much you remember about the first movie – as the story heavily relies on the first film. It’s definitely not a standalone feature.

The Good:

Insurgent surprisingly does a good job at staying true to the book while introducing its own interpretation as well. The changes made were made well and kept the idea intact. For the most part, it’s more of an entertaining and fun ride watching this action-packed sequel.

The Bad:

It’s hard for me to talk for someone that hasn’t read the book, but I would assume the film felt a little rushed and jagged. It doesn’t take its time when it probably should, and so you’re left thinking that maybe it missed out on some potentially strong and important scenes.


3 thoughts on “Insurgent (2015)

  1. Great review. I actually felt like it was a bit rushed and focused on only a small portion of the source material when there were a lot of potential to be explored. But it wasn’t bad. 😀


  2. Nice read. Thanks for the review. I’m yet to dip into this world, but I already feel a little fatigued by the teenagers in future sportswear set-up. That said, I’ll watch ANYTHING with Naomi Watts in.


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