Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Abusive and shallow.

I normally avoid reviewing any type of movie that is shamelessly made to simply arouse its audience. I don’t see the point in doing so, and typically speaking, it’s a little awkward for me to say the least. More than anything though, these films are definitely geared towards a smaller general audience than most films – while everyone else is probably going to hate it. Fifty Shades of Grey, for example, was clearly just adapted to a movie because the book itself sold more than it should have – and so the movies wanted a piece of the cut as well. I’ve heard a lot of bad things about both the book and the film, and because it has gathered so much controversy, I find myself in an unfortunate obligation to provide my own two cents into the mix.

Many of you aren’t even sure about what this plot is, but have heard that is is derived from its original source: A Twilight fanfiction – other than that, most of you are clueless. That’s because there isn’t really any plot, it’s about Anastasia Steele, a student of English Lit who has a really big assignment – interview billionaire Christian Grey. It is at this interview where the two fall desperately in lust with each other, and all the hi-jinks of misconstrued BDSM pursue.

Out of everything this film has to offer, I find that the most important to state is the title. Fifty Shades of Grey gives off the impression that somewhere in this film lies depth. First of all, you could see it as not just a black or white film, but a deep film with all the complexities in between. OR, because the main character’s name is Grey, it implies that his character is infinitely complex and diverse as well…but neither is correct. Everything about this film screams the opposite of depth. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so absolutely shallow in my entire life. Christian Grey isn’t complex. He has a one-track mind type of guy from the beginning of the movie all the way to the end. Everything he says and does is in reference to his kinky nature. Even when we are offered the ability to learn what he does for a living, the answer is simply tossed to the side as if it doesn’t matter. Give us a different side to him…give him meaning. Give him a life…nope. There’s nothing special about him.

The second thing I need to mention is abuse. It’s been stated everywhere by now that the BDSM presented in this movie isn’t true to real dominant/submissive lifestyles. That instead, it is abusive. From my understanding, that’s truer for the actual events in the book than it is in the film. Nevertheless, I do see some abuse. It’s hard for me to really state everything that is absolutely wrong, because I’m not exactly a BDSM expert…to me, the entire concept is abusive, but some things that happen in this movie are inherently wrong, like the way he treats her in general. He gives her ultimatums, stalks her, threatens her – and this is all done in all seriousness…because that’s just who he is, when in reality, it’s all just supposed to be done for fun. This was too serious. Which is why I can see the abuse.

Of course, the story wasn’t trying to suggest abuse and downright sexual harassment and rape is cool or anything. Of course not. From the get go, it was just trying to arouse its audience, whether that be the readers or movie watchers. The generic idea of – let’s make as many sexy scenes as possible by two attractive leads…the rest doesn’t matter – is the exact reason why this film is absolute horse crap. It’s mainly shallow, and without any real depth or substance, you honestly lose any real reason to continue watching it.

The Good:

I’m trying very hard to come up with something that’s actually good about this movie, and I came up with two things. One – production wise, the film looks nice. It is visually appealing and the music works pretty good. Two – even though this isn’t really saying that much, the actors did really good with what they were given…which was crap. I know it’s hard to really notice their ability to act under such a horrific script, but I promise it’s there. Anastasia’s character, specifically, probably had the most depth and range – so she was probably the best out of everyone. Take that as you will.

The Bad:

Honestly? Read the rest of my review – it all comes down to the fact that this is infinitely shallow, promotes abuse, and is mostly just created to make money and arouse viewers.

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